When Rhea Chakraborty Called Arnab Goswami Her Idol

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Republic TV has recently displaced Aaj Tak as the Hindi News Channel with the highest TRP. A big reason behind the Republic’s rise in TRP ratings is the network’s extensive coverage of Sushant’s case. Arnab Goswami and Republic left no stone unturned to serve the so-called ‘Justice’ in Sushant’s case, even if it means crossing all the limits of ethics of Journalism, making all kinds of theatrics, and heckling people especially Rhea Chakraborty and her family.

When Rhea Chakraborty Called Arnab Goswami Her Idol

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When Rhea Wanted To Become Like Arnab Goswami In The Movie Bank Chor

Bank Chor is a 2017 released black comedy film which stars Riteish Deshmukh and Rhea Chakraborty in the titular roles. The film centers around a stupid guy Champak who tries robbing a bank with the help of his two inexperienced friends, but their plan goes all haywire, creating a huge mess. Rhea played the role of a crime reporter named Gayatri Ganguly who creates a mad media circus outside the location of robbery.

When Rhea Chakraborty Called Arnab Goswami Her Idol

In the movie there is a scene where Rhea Chakraborty’s character Gayatri is getting ready for a mission, but she is scared. Her character assures herself by saying the following line:

‘If ArGo would have been here, he would have done the same thing’.

At this moment, Vivek’s character Amjad Khan who is a CBI officer asks her who is ArGo? To which she responds,

‘Arnab Goswami, he is my idol’

What is ironic here is that Arnab Goswami is the one who began the media trial against Rhea making her the prime accused in the Sushant’s case. It was the efforts of Arnab’s Republic TV which resulted in the Sushant’s case being transferred to CBI and Rhea now became the focus of investigation by numerous agencies. Funny, how Rhea’s character wanted to be like Arnab Goswami in the film, but in reality Arnab has turned her boat completely upside down.

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