When Yogi Met Corn Industry And Renamed It!

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Today we will be taking a look at the corn industry. First off I want to hear from you guys do have a favorite performer in the corn industry film world, my personal favorite star would be the legend Johnny Sins, is it kinda weird? But he’s the man, he always gets the job done. Let me know your answer in the comments down below. Corn industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, it has viewers all over the world and it does a business of billions.

So Let’s Take A Look At What Would Happen If Yogi Met Corn Industry And Renamed It!

1. The legend of the corn industry Mr. Johnny Sins should be renamed to Janardhan Singh.

When Yogi Met Corn Industry And Renamed It!

2. Madison Ivy will be known as Mandakini from now on to the Indian fans.

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3. She is also a legend of the corn industry, with years of experience in the field, Brandi would be known as Brinda from now on.

4. She is Rachna Rathore and she will rock your world. You can google her and check out her amazing work on the internet. 

5. Kendra will be known as Kaantha Luthra from now on.

6. The young prodigy, the future hall of famer in the corn industry will be famously known as Jothiraj Eshwar Nagar.

7. Damini has fans all over the world and she surely has tons of fans in India. 

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8. Kishora Ka Lacha can satisfy any woman on this planet. 

9. Another great legend of the game, she has more experience than any other corn industry star on the list. She is Lisa.

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