Take The Quiz And Find Out Which Game Of Thrones Villain Are You?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Game of Thrones finally ended, the ending saw the triumph of the good over the bad. The entire saga of Game of Thrones is a continuous battle with the good characters and the bad characters. But the classification of good and bad isn’t that simple in Game of Thrones. There are many good characters who did some horrible things, and there are some bad characters whom we once hated who did some great things and made us fall in love with them. So it’s hard to say who exactly is ‘Villain’. But still, there are some characters who without a doubt fit into the villain category.

Take The Quiz And Find Out Which Game Of Thrones Villain Are You?

Take This Quiz If You’re A True “Game of Thrones” Fan

You have villains like Tywin who can be so cunning, cruel, and ruthless to achieve what he wants. Then there’s Cersei who is a complex character. There’s a reason behind her evil actions. Her worst crime was blowing up the sept. But perhaps the worst villain in the show is Ramsay Bolton, his torture of Theon Greyjoy would send shivers down your spine. He’s pure evil. Then there’s Joffrey Baratheon, his decision to have Ned Stark executed made him one of the most hated Villains in the GOT History.

While there are some other villains who were expected to make a great impact but failed to do. Such as the Night King, the build-up of his arrival and the mystery surrounding him captivated the attention of many GOT fans. The way his character ended sparked a ton of controversy from the fans.

So Let’s Take The Quiz And Find Out Which Game Of Thrones Villain Are You?

So which villain are you? Do you agree with the quiz assessment? Don’t forget to share this amazing GOT quiz with your friends.
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