Which Jared Padalecki Character Should Be Your Boyfriend?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Jared Padalecki is best known for the role of the hunter Sam Winchester in the CW Supernatural. But there’s more to his acting career than Supernatural. He started his career with a minor role in the movie ‘A Little Inside’ released in 1999. His big break came when he was cast in the role of Dean Forester in the hit TV show Gilmore Girls. He played that role until 2005. Because of his work in Gilmore Girls, he was cast into many television films such as A Ring of Endless Light, Close to Home, and Silent Witness. His big movie break came when he starred in 2004 film New York Minute in which he played the role of Trey Lipton, a cute boy to whom Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s characters are attracted in the movie.

Which Jared Padalecki Character Should Be Your Boyfriend?

What Kind Of Horror Movie Would You Find Yourself In?

He further appeared in Flight of the Phoenix which was a thriller starring Hugh Laurie and Dennis Quaid. In 2005, he starred in the horror movie House of Wax alongside Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert. Jared again starred in a horror movie ‘Cry Wolf’ in 2005.

In 2009, he played a lead role in the 2009 reboot of the iconic horror movie ‘Friday the 13th’. He played the character of Clay Miller, a character who goes to Camp Crystal Lake in search for his lost sister.

So Let’s Take The Quiz And Find out which Jared Padalecki Character Should Be Your Boyfriend?

So which Jared Padalecki’s character would you date? Don’t forget to tag your friends in the comments section.
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