Which Teen Wolf Relationship Are You? Take The Quiz And Find Out

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Teen Wolf has featured many relationships. While some of these relationships were appreciated by the fans and they shipped them, but there are some relationships which the fans didn’t appreciate. Perhaps the best relationship is the one between Stiles and Lydia. We have seen the pair put their brains together on many occasions to solve the mystery of the week. Working together caused their hearts to come closer. Stiles also got to see beyond Lydia’s popular girl mask and Lydia accepted Stiles even if he was annoying for half the time.

Which Teen Wolf Relationship Are You? Take The Quiz And Find Out

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While many people found it shocking when they saw Malia and Scott end up together at the series end. But their pairing made quite a sense. We saw Malia begin her journey by only trusting Stiles, but she slowly started trusting other members of the pack. As the series progressed, Scott became the person that Malia would trust the most and would go to him whenever a problem occurred. The two became very close at the end of the series.

As the show started, we saw Scott’s first epic love in the form of Allison. Even though their relationship didn’t work out, but the great thing is that they didn’t abandon each other even after they broke up. Even though things were awkward, but they always had each other’s back in a fight.

Take The Quiz And Find Out Which Teen Wolf Relationship Are You?

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