Which Two ‘Riverdale’ Adults Are Your Parents? Take Quiz & Find Out

Welcome to Humor Nation. Riverdale is the town with secrets. Nobody is clean, everyone has a few skeletons stored in their closet. Secrets from affairs, illegal business to love children, Riverdale has many dark secrets. It’s amazing to see how the teenagers in Riverdale are well-adjusted despite all the problems. The parents of these kids are absentee, negligent, and some are dangerous. But there are some shining characters among these parents. In Riverdale, we have parents ranging from sympathetic to psychopathic.

Which Two ‘Riverdale’ Adults Are Your Parents? Take Quiz & Find Out

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Riverdale changed the lives of its cast overnight when it premiered. The show became extremely popular and the stars of the show KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse became a sensation. The show not only featured the new and upcoming talented actors, but it also featured the veteran actors of the 80s and the 90s. These veteran actors played the parents of the main cast.

Perhaps the best parent in the entire Riverdale was Fred Andrews. A total stand-up guy, a person who believes in hard work and honesty, and tries instilling the same values into his son. Even though Archie has been pulled by the dark side at times, but he always manages to return to light because of his humble and down-to-earth roots.

So Take The Quiz And Find Out Which Two ‘Riverdale’ Adults Are Your Parents? 

So we would like to know who do you think are the best parents on Riverdale and why so? Don’t forget to share this amazing quiz with your fellow Riverdale friends.
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