Who Are You: A Mikaelson Or A Winchester?


Welcome to Humor Nation. It was a dream of every fan to see the crossover between the Winchesters and the Salvatores. We always wanted to see the two iconic shows of CW, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries come together. Now since both the shows have ended, it’ll never happen, but that won’t stop the fans from imagining the hypothetical situations. While the protagonists of the show Supernatural, Sam and Dean were born in Lawrence, Kansas, but the show takes place through out the country, the brothers who are skilled hunters traveling in their car to fight different enemies. Whereas Vampire Diaries take place in the mysterious town known as the Mystic Falls where the Salvatores were born. This place is known to be a supernatural hotspot for strange occurrences.

Who Are You: A Mikaelson Or A Winchester?
The CW

Are You An Original Or Enhanced Original Or The Beast?

Both the shows involve vampires, while the Winchesters hunt the vampires, the Salvatores are actually the vampires so this naturally makes them each others’ enemies. Sam and Dean are skilled hunters who have been taught how to dispose any supernatural creature which poses as a threat. Now the biggest question is whether they will have be able to take down the Salvatore brothers if both the pairs ever encountered. Stefan Salvatore who has not been feeding on fresh human blood can be easily taken down. As we saw in the pilot episode, Stefan was comparatively inferior to the Damon when they fought due to feeding on animal blood which makes the vampires weak. While taking down Damon won’t be easy as he is ruthless and skilled in combat. He is also brilliant in strategies, he would probably snap the necks of the Winchesters before they get close to him.


While the Winchesters could easily take down most of the vampires in the TVD Universe, but defeating Originals would be nearly impossible for them. The Originals are the ancient vampires who are the fastest, strongest, and most powerful vampires in existence. Klaus Mikaelson would take out the hearts of the Winchesters before they could blink. His ruthlessness and brutality would make the Winchesters regret their decision to come after him or his family.

The CW

Do you think they would be able to hold the ground against Katherine Pierce, Tyler Lockwood? So how do you think the Winchesters would fare against the vampires and werewolves of the TVD Universe?

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Who Are You: A Mikaelson Or A Winchester?

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