Who Is The Greatest Evil, Klaus Mikaelson Or Damon Salvatore?

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. When it comes to the meanest and the toughest characters, look no further than Klaus Mikaelson and Damon Salvatore. These two started off as villains, but their popularity soon transformed them into fan favorites. But despite their charming looks and alluring personalities, these two characters have plenty of skeletons in their closet. In their long course of life, they committed some unspeakable acts of horror and terror which cannot be overlooked. It’s a constant debate among the fans of the Vampire Diaries as to which character is the lesser evil out of the two. We will take a look at some of the worst acts committed by these two characters. Do let us know who do you think is the more evil character.

So Take A Look At Who Is The Greatest Evil, Klaus Mikaelson Or Damon Salvatore?


Who Is The Greatest Evil, Klaus Mikaelson Or Damon Salvatore?
The CW

Both Klaus and Damon once shared a strong bond with their brother. In case of Damon, their relationship was strained with the introduction of Katherine who chose Stefan over Damon. He knew that Stefan was romantically involved with Katherine, but still tried to take her away. After Katherine fooled them both and escaped, Damon blamed everything on Stefan and continued their enmity which lasted over a century. While Stefan even sent his best friend Lexi to Damon in order to help him. Similar, when Damon arrived in Mystic Falls, he knew Stefan was in love with Elena. They both were dating, but Damon still tried making moves on her. He used vampiric compulsion to get Elena to kiss him, he snapped the neck of Jeremy, and did all sorts of bad stuff and caused chaos in Stefan’s life without any reason. But Stefan kept saving him, he tried influencing Stefan to start feeding again, knowing how dangerous Stefan could become after losing the control. Even in the end, Stefan gave up his life so that Damon could live a long human life with Elena.

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Who Is The Greatest Evil, Klaus Mikaelson Or Damon Salvatore?
The CW

Some of the actions done by Damon indicate pure evil. Remember in Season 5 Episode 11 when Katherine is on her death bed. Even Elena whose life was turned upside down by Katherine forgives her doppelganger. Stefan ensures that Katherine’s final moments are at peace. But Damon cannot let go of his hate, he psychologically tortured Katherine right till the end, blaming her for all the actions instead of offering her any consolation. Surely, Klaus Mikaelson has committed numerous atrocities, evil which seemed like a random act, but there was always a cause for the effect. But look at the actions of Damon which were random and meaningless like when he turned Vicki Donovan into a vampire just for his personal amusement which eventually became the reason of her demise. Who can forget Damon staking Lexi, the pretty sweet vampire who met her demise when she came to Mystic Falls to attend the birthday of Stefan. Perhaps the worst thing Damon ever did was harming Zach Salvatore and his pregnant wife. We cannot forget Damon’s treatment of Caroline in Season 1.


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