Who Is The Greatest Evil, Klaus Mikaelson Or Damon Salvatore?


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Klaus had earned the reputation of the Satan long before he made his debut on the Vampire Diaries. The paranoid Original Vampire finds it hard to trust anyone, including his family. He has even staked his own siblings and harmed his parents. He committed such acts out of fear of being abandonment and betrayal. During his time on the Vampire Diaries, Klaus caused all sorts of chaos and destruction. He turned Jenna into a vampire and then used her in the sacrifice. When Tyler broke free of the sirebond, he punished him by taking away the life of the innocent Carol Lockwood. Even though ‘The Originals’ featured Klaus as an anti-hero, but even then he committed certain unforgivable acts such as when he compelled Gia to walk into the sunlight and take off her daylight ring only to punish Elijah.


The CW

Bonnie once told Damon that he feels remorse which makes him somewhat better than Kai. But the very same reason makes him far more than other characters such as Ripper Stefan who isn’t control of his senses, but Damon has always remained in the control. Did Damon really transform into a good character? To an extent, he did, only for Elena. But whenever Elena deserted him, he reverted back to his old ways such as when he attacked Aaron or Jeremy. There’s barely a moment in TVD Universe when Klaus is not held accountable for all his wrongdoings. Everyone around him keeps reminding how much of a monster he is. But when it comes to Damon, some fans do come up with excuses for his wrong behaviors. Often times Damon has used the ‘Elena’ excuse such as he’s a mess without her, all the hard work he put into is only because for her. Even though TVD always portrayed Klaus as a villain, but Damon Salvatore has always seen as an anti-hero. Barely there’s a moment when Klaus was portrayed as a selfless character, all the things he did is for the sake of family. Whereas Damon has been portrayed as the ‘better brother’.

When it comes to Klaus, the reason often given to justify his evil behavior is that Klaus had a bad childhood, he didn’t receive the right love and care which transformed him into this paranoid and terrifying monster. Klaus has always used the justification of doing evil for the sake of his family, but there are numerous times when his evil acts had nothing to do with his family. He just did it because he could. Like when he turned innocents into vampires or wiped out villages because he didn’t like their taste. Whoever got into his way faced the worst of Klaus. He is the perfect example of how absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even though Klaus redeemed himself in the end, but his long list of sins cannot be forgotten easily. Can one good act wash his long list of evil acts that he committed in his long 1000-year existence?

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