Who Is Your Riverdale Girlfriend? Only For GUYS!

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Riverdale has so many beautiful and attractive actresses. These women are not only beautiful, but they also have many qualities which makes their characters captivating to their viewers of the show. One of the prettiest girls on the show is Betty Cooper who is the girl next door. This character has so many shades. She could be sweet and innocent, but a deep look at her and you’ll find out that that she could also be dangerous because of her dark side. She has an inquisitive mind and her curious nature as an aspiring journalist often puts her in troubles.

Who Is Your Riverdale Girlfriend? Only For GUYS!

Do You Belong On The Southside Or Northside Of Riverdale?.

Veronica Lodge is not only beautiful, but she is very intelligent too. After her father is arrested, she leaves New York and comes to Riverdale to start a new life. She fears what will happen once his father Hiram Lodge is released from the jail. She also tries to become a better person, overcome her flaws. So who do you think is the most prettiest girl on Riverdale? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Who Is Your Riverdale Girlfriend? Only For GUYS!

One of the best character transformations on the show is of Cheryl Blossom. After suffering the tragic loss of her brother, she is left alone. But she is more heartbroken when she finds out that her dad is behind the murder of her brother. This results in Cheryl burning down the Thornhill Mansion. Over the time, Cheryl became closer with Toni Topaz and both of them get into a relationship.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Who Is Your Riverdale Girlfriend? Only For GUYS!

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