Who Said That? How Well Do You Remember The Memorable Quotes From 13 Reasons Why?

Welcome back to Humor Nation. 13 Reasons Why aired on Netflix on 31 March 2017 and it received extremely positive reviews from the fans and critics. It’s depiction of serious issues and mental health awareness attracted a lot of attention. he third season of the show aired on 23 August 2019 and Netflix has renewed for the show for a final season. The show starts with the story of Hannah Baker, a young girl who becomes a victim of bullying and betrayal, and slowly drifts into depression. She ultimately decides to put an end to her suffering and takes her life, leaving behind an array of tapes.

Who Said That? The Ultimate 13 Reasons Why Quiz That Real Fans Can Only Win

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Even though the series revolves around the tragic event, but the story of the show is also filled with positive messages which creates an awareness about mental health and how devastating it could be if no right action is taken. The show touches the audience at a deep level, makes you think about everything that you have said and done. This is due to the brilliant performances by the talented actors who portrayed relatable characters in their highs and lows incredibly.

The incredible script brings the stories of these characters to life. 13 Reasons Why is full of moments and quotes that are meant for everyone and can describe our feelings in a way that we cannot even imagine. The show aims to educate the teenagers and even adults, change their mindset, make them think carefully about their decisions and how it could potentially affect the people around them.

So Let’s Take A Look At Who Said That? The Ultimate 13 Reasons Why Quiz That Real Fans Can Only Win

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