Why Are Rape Cases Increasing In India?

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. In a country like India where females are worshiped as goddess Maa Durga and Maa Kali, it is also a country where they are raped every minute. Why? A big question to this society where girls can’t even go anywhere alone as the fear of getting raped is always in them. When will it stop? I guess it won’t stop until this society gets educated. I mean really, whenever I read such news I feel like these men should get educated and should be taught how to live in a society. Rape cases are increasing in the country.

After the Nirbhaya case everyone thought that rapists would stop themselves, but no, it increased and will keep on increasing as no change has been brought till now. Rape was an issue, is an issue and if this goes on, it’ll always be an issue only. A photojournalist was raped and murdered in Mumbai indicating that this media is also not safe. Why can’t men control? Why is their hunger increasing every day? Nobody has an answer.

Recently in the newspaper, there was a headline of a 4-month-old baby getting raped and murdered, Seriously? Its no less than a horror story to anyone, I mean the police also was nearly moved to tears. What was her fault? What did she do? She was just born a few months ago, knowing nothing about the world, but this harmful society showed their scariest side to her and left her to die.

This doesn’t end here, what do you think only adult men are rapists? No, recently in Uttar Pradesh a 13-year-old raped a 9-year-old girl when she was alone at her. It’s because of the lack of sex education in this country. When boys at this age don’t get to know about this, they indulge in such crimes to get their answers. Maybe now people will know, but I am sure no will still learn anything.

Now again the question arises, Why is rape increasing in India?

1. Is it because of lack of sex education?

No matter how much India gets developed in these few years, it will still lack sex education as people in this society don’t feel it right to discuss sex. This is a very tender topic which should be taught in person, it is not meant to be learned from books only. There is a lack of sex education at school as well as at family level. Teenagers should be taught about the changes in their bodies, their hormones and so on. What happens when they don’t get their answers? They indulge in wrong practices to get an answer to why they feel so. This leads them towards crime. If at an early level they are taught about everything, then maybe such problems won’t arise.

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2. Is it because of acceptance of domestic brutality?

There are still many families where women are dominated by men, it’s because this society allows it to do so. Have you ever heard of marital rape? It means forcefully having sex with your wife without her consent and acceptance. This also an increasing issue nowadays as after marriage men feel like they can do whatever they feel like with their wives. Instead of standing up for themselves,  women are told to obey their husband’s need and it is their duty. I mean in which century I am still living in, where on one side people talk about equal rights for all and another side they feel proud to rape their wife.

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