Why ‘Carry On’ Is Not The True Ending Of The Supernatural That Fans Deserved

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Nobody would have thought that Supernatural would end someday, but the fateful day eventually came. The show ended with its 327th episode which aired on 19 November 2020. This is the final episode of the show which concluded the epic story of the Winchesters. While the finale is bittersweet, many fans feel they are robbed of a true ending. But let’s understanding something, the creators and the cast did the best they could with the limited resources they had, let’s not forget they shot in the pandemic only for the fans. This is what makes Supernatural so special. From the writers, producers, directors to the actors, everyone prioritizes the fans first. If it weren’t for the pandemic, we would have gotten an entirely different ending episode, with plenty of familiar faces such as Castiel & Roadhouse crew.

So Take A Look At Why ‘Carry On’ Is Not The True Ending Of The Supernatural That Fans Deserved


Why 'Carry On' Is Not The True Ending Of The Supernatural That Fans Deserved
The CW

One of the major reasons why the fans feel ‘Carry On’ was a let down is because this ending is often compared with the ‘Swan Song’ ending. Eric Kripke concluded his five season arc with the episode ‘Swan Song’. In an interview, he revealed that he spent majority of his efforts into coming with the finale. He didn’t know that the show would run for 10 years more. The ultimate ending he envisioned involved Sam Vs Dean, it’s evil Vs good, but it’s the brother bond which triumphs everything and a hero has to make sacrifices. But Kripke felt that the “Carry On” was the better one. He would have come up with something darker.

Since ‘Swan Song’ had a mix of everything. Kripke created the episode believing that would be the farewell to his beloved baby, he put all his heart into it. Since his ending, we have seen literally everything so there was a huge weight on the shoulders of the showrunners to deliver the viewers an ending they could feel content with.

How The Final Episode Of Supernatural ‘Carry On’ Is Connected To The Pilot Episode


Why 'Carry On' Is Not The True Ending Of The Supernatural That Fans Deserved
The CW

Well, one of the biggest complains about the finale episode is the lackluster demise of Dean Winchester. Come on, he’s DEAN WINCHESTER! This guy didn’t even flinch when facing the Satan, he taunted archangels in their face, he single handedly destroyed group of vampires and other monsters. He didn’t even fear while standing in front of God and Darkness. So such a brave courageous character who have stood the torture of hell, who has found his way back to the living from purgatory which is inhabited by monsters. He has been wounded, shot, hunted, but he overcame it all. In the end, he met his demise while hunting some ordinary vampires and that too when he got impaled on a metal piece. Of course, Dean meeting his end while being on a hunt does make sense, but the fashion it was executed doesn’t do justice to DEAN WINCHESTER! It should have been more dramatic, more poetic, and more epic.


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