Emotions Make Us Human! Why Displaying Your Emotions Is Important!

Emotions are what make us truly human. For better or worse, they are what makes us real, makes us feel alive.

If it weren’t for emotions we would have never known what it’s like to be happy; to be able to wake up every day and rejoice the beauty of it. Enjoy the sunset standing in the last descending sunlight or to feel the raindrops slowly dripping down on our face, on our eyes, making us fully appreciate the beauty of that moment.

Life is overrated, the existence of life is an exaggerated phenomenon. There is life all around us, various life-forms such as plants, animals, bacteria, fungi. Even viruses have a life. We, human beings, composed of cells have evolved over a period of million years.


We have developed ourselves as an intelligent species. We have developed a civilization, we created machines that can improve the quality of our life. With so much said, still there is no significance of this evolution, it’s the way it always was, and always will be. We are around 7 billion people on earth, that’s a huge population mark.

People are born and die each and every day, it happens in a flash. While you’re reading this, at some place a life is giving itself an existence, and erasing at other places. It doesn’t bother us, it doesn’t even matter to us, we are too self-involved in our own ‘lives’. Isn’t it amazing how we can not care about the millions of people on earth, and still lay down our own lives for the one person we care the most. See that separates us from the rest of ‘life’ on the earth. It’s the emotions, feelings, a sense of morality, a consciousness that makes us intelligent and smart species. Still no matter how smart we are, quite often we let these emotions rule our head. We can become a slave to our own emotions.

Emotions can make us do things, crazy stupid things. Surely it’s hard to stop yourself from feeling, we can close our eyes or shut our mouth, but closing your heart is not easy. How easy it would have been if we could just take out our heart every day, keep it in the refrigerator, do the daily stuff; go to college, work, come back and put it back in.

Emotions are chemically mediated physiological reactions in our brain, the neurotransmitters like serotonin that float between the nerve cells are triggered by these chemical reactions, giving birth to different emotions. Science almost has an explanation for everything, it makes things easy. But how can we explain this to a heartbroken person who has lost interest in everything? Tell him to take medication, forgive and forget, move on, but that’s not how things work. We can’t be logical all the time, thinking logically isn’t natural for everyone.

Most of us care a lot, care for people who wouldn’t call back or reach out to us, but we still spend a part of our time thinking about them. How can we feel heartache for a person that is no more, that is gone, has left us in the suffering? How can a person mean the world for us, mean much more than our own lives?

How can words cut deeper than a blade, how can loneliness be more deadly than a nuclear bomb? How can a broken heart be so much painful than broken bones, how can one smile the brightest outside while slowly dying deep down inside?

How can there be no insurance that covers a damaged soul, how can the good memories become a torture in the times of misery? How can one find comfort in the thought of suicide which is a permanent solution to temporary problems?

So many unanswered questions, in the light of these questions, emotions appear to be a weakness. So many people don’t show their emotions because they think of them as a weakness, while many believe emotions make us strong. Both can be true, depends on whom you ask this question.

As humans, we have to deal with both the strength and weakness of emotions. Both are essentially important. Just as how happiness is important for our well being, for our physical body and our senses, sadness is important too. Ask a tragic poet what sadness means for his work. It’s only in the times of sadness when we are most familiar with our self, we understand ourselves.

It’s only when we have experienced the sadness we can know what happiness is like. They are relative like black and white, light and dark, you can’t have the one without another one. The existence of one depends on the another. So as long as we have emotions, we have to deal with both the health effects and side effects of it

Anshay Tomar
A movie buff, an Otaku, huge MMA and pro-wrestling follower. I'm a tumblr addict, have many fandoms and I'm also an aspiring artist. Works as a Content Writer.