7 Creepiest Wikipedia Pages That You Should Never Ever Visit

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. With so much information at the tips of our fingers through Wikipedia, is there such a thing as knowing too much? Eventually all the knowledge acquired results in landing someplace absolutely terrifying.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Creepiest Wikipedia Pages That You Should Never Ever Visit!

7. Black Dahlia

7 Creepiest Wikipedia Pages That You Should Never Ever Visit

In 1947, Elizabeth Short was the victim of one of the most gruesome and brutal murders in Los Angeles. Her body was cut in half and it remains a cold case to this day, her killer never being found. Her corpse was also drained of its blood, mutilated and then scrubbed clean. The murder became an overnight sensation in the media, with numerous films being made to cover the murder. The Wikipedia page holds nothing back in describing the murder, and it will make you want to check every corner you walk around.

6. Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge located near Dumbarton in West Dumbarton, Scotland. The Overtoun Bridge has been the site of the deaths of several dogs. What is even more horrifying and sad is that the dogs left to their deaths willingly. They all leapt from the same side and they were all breeds with long snouts. Not only have dogs died here, but humans as well. In October of 1994, Kevin Moy threw his two week old son over the bridge because he thought the baby was the devil incarnate.

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5. Scaphism

Scaphism is an ancient method of execution, originating in Persia. It was one of the most gruesome torturous methods of execution. The victim would be stripped naked and then strapped to two boats with the head, arms, legs and feet protruding over the side. Then the victim would be forced to eat milk and honey which was also poured all over their body and then they would be left to float in a stagnant pond. So basically the victim was killed by a combination of exposure, bee stings, burrowing bugs, gangrene and septic shock.


4. Rat King

The name ‘Rat King’ may sound like one thing of the main patriarchy of a rat colony, but it’s something far more disgusting. When the tails of rats get tangled and intertwined they don’t try to separate from each other instead they travel together as one disgusting pack. Dating back as early as 1564, Rat Kings have often been mistaken for mythological creatures. Hopefully no one else wonders how the Black Plague came about.

3. Alien Hand Syndrome

Have you ever been afraid to lose control over your body? Apparently there’s a condition known as ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’ where people have lost control over their hand. This results in their hand doing things that the person cannot control. Explanations have included the brains hemispheres becoming separated instead of together as well as tumors. But the idea that a part of our body can go rogue is pretty scary.

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2. The Murder Of Junko Furuta

The Murder Of Junko Furuta is a grim reminder of just how evil humans can be. Junko was abducted by four high school students, she was kept captive for 40 days the home of one of the boys. During that time, she was raped, tortured, beaten and even forced to call her parents and tell them she would be staying at a friend’s house for a while. The parents of one of the boys even knew that this was going on, but didn’t intervene because they supposedly feared their son. Aftter Junko died her abductors dumped her body in a drum full of concrete leaving her corpse to freeze in the hardening rock.

1. The Cleveland Torso Murderer

You did not want to live in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1930s as it was home to an unidentified serial killer who murdered and dismembered at least 12 people. However recent research has suggested that the murderer may have killed as many as 20 people. He always beheaded and dismembered his victims, and even cut the torso in half, his male victims castrated. Pieces of the victims were found, and Wikipedia even shows the photos of the heads of a few of the killer’s victims.

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