Woman Leaves Husband Of 18 Years For Her African Lover Whom She Met On Internet!

Welcome to Humor Nation. A woman who has been married for 18 years decides to leave her husband for an African man that she met on the Internet. So there’s this woman Sarah who went on a Dr. Phil show and she is in some serious need of some BBC action and no I’m not talking about the British Broadcasting Corporation people. I’m talking about that big black so yeah this woman is a total night rider or at least she wants to be.

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The only problem is that the dumb broad is still married to this guy named Keith. Sarah has actually been talking to men from Africa for around the last year. Now she’s talked to dudes from Kenya and Ghana, she’s really shopping the whole market here.

Woman Leaves Husband And Marriage Of 18 Years For Her African Lover!

She’s talked to multiple African men via the Internet but she’s really sold on this one man named Kevin who’s some sort of pastor over in Kenya. This guy is honestly a real saint, he started up an orphanage for the kids of Kenya. And her husband actually knows all about this virtual relationship, he knows about every guy that she’s been emailing, texting, Sometimes Sarah and this guy Kevin even have virtual love. They got that good WiFi over in Kenya now.


Sarah actually has kids with this guy Keith so the whole point of her kind of going on the show was to kind of rekindle their relationship and kind of try to keep her from going Africa to marry this guy Kevin.

Sarah is totally not having it all she wants to do is go to Africa to marry this guy. So they end up dialing up Kevin are four of them you know Sarah, her parents and even her husband Keith who has some kind of words for pastor Kevin over here.

Kevin says that he doesn’t care that she’s married and he actually says the Sarah plans on divorcing Keith once she gets over to Kenya. Kevin just sits here completely unfazed by this guy and Dr. Phil tries to play the creepy uncle slash racist cop role once again like he always does.

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Sarah just simply doesn’t care and it’s like none of these white people can comprehend that she wants to go be with this black man. He wants her to pretty much go 90 days of trying to rekindle the relationship and also in those days not talk to Kevin at all. But she is not having that one bit. So in the end, Sarah kind just says her kids can either stay or go but she’s gonna go to Africa to meet her man.

Sometimes things just don’t work out you know, this guy kind of has the personality of a stick and Sarah’s ready to get some other kind of stick. So why don’t you just let her bounce, I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with her going over to me and even marry this guy, but maybe I’m tripping.

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  1. I think Keith is wasting his time trying to salvage the marriage. It’s obvious his wife don’t love him anymore. Instead of wasting his time going on the Dr Phil Show, he should had hired a good family law attorney and filed for a divorce. And seek custody of the kids.. on the basis that his cheating wife was planning to leave him, and take the kids with her to a 3rd world country (where the kids could be unsafe) to start a relationship with a total stranger she met on the internet. Legally he can’t prevent his wife from leaving him because she’s a consenting adult, but he has the right to take legal actions by filing for a divorce and seeking custody of the kids in family court to protect their rights.


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