10 Women Who Look Exactly Like Disney Princesses

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Which girl hasn’t ever wished to look like a Disney princess once in her lifetime? I guess everyone does, at least when they are little. But we all know that looking like a Disney princess isn’t possible and you won’t even see a person looking like that. But there are some people in real life who make themselves look like Disney princesses with the of makeup and wigs. So let’s take a look at those people and start the list.

So here are those 10 people who look almost like some Disney princess!

10. Merida

10 Women Who Look Exactly Like Disney Princesses

Caitlyn Boyd is a teenager from Scotland who is just a lookalike of the fiery princess Merida from Brave. She was also offered the job to play Merida in Orlando’s Disney World.

9. Pocahontas

10 Women Who Look Exactly Like Disney Princesses

A Filipino model named Sherri Lansang was once said to dress up like Pochahontas for a photo-shoot and when she came out dressed like one, she almost looked the twin of that Disney character.

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8. Anna

Lexie Grace Carlson from Florida looked so much like one of the frost sisters, Anna from Frozen. She beautifully dressed like Anna had matched every detail from her hair to her costume.

7. Elsa

A nurse named Lydia Lewington of England just fell in love with the character of princess Elsa and decided to dress like her and then she entertained the sick children of the hospital.

6. Belle

Though Emma Watson played the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast Anne Hathaway could have suited the role of Belle as she has a lot of resemblance to that Disney princess.

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