8 Women Who Seduced Their Way To Succeed In Life

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Hey folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Women are the major victim of suppression since ages. Earlier, monarchial rule and the patriarchial society gave no importance to a woman’s existence. Its today that we talk about feminism, else historically, working out her desires to a lady was the same as milking a tigress.

And this domination and suppression led to the females taking the path of seduction to have a high peek career.

Mentioned below are 8 women who managed to seduce their way to success.

1. Mary Anne Clark

mary was a beautiful woman born in 1776 and married at 18. But fate had something else for her. Sooner her husband got bankrupt and left him after. Mary had no choice and she became the mistress of The Duke Of York, she managed to carry on with her lavish lifestyle.

8 Women Who Seduced To Succeed

2. Diane de Poitiers

Poitiers was a well-educated woman but was unfortunately married to a man who was 39 years older than her at her 15 years of age. She made a good use of all her education. Sooner she chose to be the mistress of King Henry II.

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3. Gabrielle d’Estrees

Gabrielle not only led her life to luxury but also helped the France residents. She convinced King Henry to change his religion. the lady had a great role behind the sort of protestants war with the Catholics. And all these made her the most powerful women on our list.

4. Theodora

Theodora was the lady who abandoned her mistress life once she was successful. She was born to an actress and a  beer trainer. She had many struggles in her life. The woman opted to become a dancer and was also known to serve her clients desires after work.

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