10 Most WTF Episodes Of Supernatural

Our favorite show Supernatural which has about 300 episodes to date under its belt, it’s no big surprise things can get a bit unusual and weird. Welcome to Humor Nation, and today we’ll be checking down the top most WTF episodes of CW hit TV show Supernatural. For this countdown, we will be selecting those unusual, out-of-sort genre episodes of “Supernatural” that don’t take after the show’s normal and usual plot or structure. So let’s get started. And guys don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Most WTF Episodes Of Supernatural

10. Mystery Spot – Season 3, Episode 11

10 Most WTF Episodes Of SupernaturalAny self-regarding science fiction or, without a doubt, fantasy Supernatural, TV show has its Groundhog Day theme episode where the principle character continues rehashing that day, again and again, until the point when they figure out the mystery and they should learn from the experience. Here, Sam is forced to relive one of his most exceedingly terrible days ever: day of dean’s death. It’s sufficiently awful for him that the day begins with Dean playing “Heat of the Moment” by Asia yet it’s not until the point when he gets The Trickster in charge of it all. The scene showed Sam a profitable lesson in figuring out how to live without Dean, yet it’s a future we would not ever like to witness.

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9. Live Free or Twihard – Season 6, Episode 5

A portion of the best jests the show has are the point at which the boys get the chance to give their interpretation of pop culture. However, it’s not very frequently that they devote an entire scene to jabbing fun at something very similarly they did to “Twilight.” While they don’t truly reenact scenes from the books or films, the writer here created a comical instance of the week where genuine vampires assault the teenagers. Things get significantly more unusual when Dean is transformed into a vampire. Be that as it may, hello, yet he could be our Edward quickly.

8. ScoobyNatural – Season 13, Episode 16

As noted, one incredible thing about the show is that the group behind it isn’t hesitant to go out on a limb by stirring up the genres, or parodying different shows. Be that as it may, an animated episode of “Scooby-Doo” just proves that the show is on a whole different level. After Sam and Dean are magically sucked into the TV, they collaborate with Scooby and the group to tackle the monster. It’s really unusual watching them work with other crime solving gang, not to mention these are the characters from a kids’ show.

7. Dog Dean Afternoon – Season 9, Episode 5

This one made them scratch our heads. After the boys needed help from a dog who witnessed a murder, they utilized a shaman’s spell on Dean so he could speak with the dog. The spell worked too well; Dean was not just ready to talk and comprehend the animal however he started to act like a puppy too. It was incredible comedic following up on Jensen Ackles’ part, since the part called for him to bark at the postal worker and ride with his head outside the car.

6. Ghostfacers – Season 3, Episode 13

Mocking and going up against reality programmes like “Ghost Hunters,” this scene is what happens when Sam and Dean meet the cast of . . . “Ghostfacers,” Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler, two “expert” ghost seekers. When they’re entrusted with overcoming a genuine supernatural baddie in the Morton Mansion, the Ghostfacers rapidly understand that it’s not their cup of tea. The talk amongst Dean and Sam versus Ed and Harry is awesome, however in excess of a bit meta. Furthermore, much the same as shown in the reality shows this episode was also shot with handheld cameras, which makes it even more awesome.


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