5 WWE Couples With Huge Age Difference Between Them

Meeting somebody with whom you can spend your entire life with can be a very challenging task. And especially more when you’re working for WWE, their rigorous work schedule doesn’t allow you to have some personal time, forget about dating, searching for a soul mate. The hectic schedule doesn’t allow you to form meaningful relationships with someone outside of the company. This is one of the primary reasons why such huge numbers of professional wrestlers choose to date different wrestlers; and we see a lot of WWE couples in the industry.

In any case, from time to time you get a couple inside this wrestling business that don’t appear to be similar in terms of age essentially. Clearly, age shouldn’t be a deciding factor when it comes to matters of love, however these wrestlers have taken things to an unheard of level.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 WWE Couples With Huge Age Difference Between Them

5. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson And Lauren Hashian

5 WWE Couples With Huge Age Difference Between Them


If you smell what The Rock is cooking… fudge yeah! Dwayne Johnson, one of the highest paid actors in the world. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ is currently in a relationship with the singer/songwriter Lauren Hashian after divorcing his wife Dany Garcia in 2007. These two met on the sets of the film ‘The Game Plan’ back in 2006, they kept their relationship secret from the media. It is believed that it was this affair with Lauren that led to Rock’s divorce with his previous partner. The two even have a girl child together called Jasmine. Now here’s what makes this relationship even more interesting is the fact that the highest paid actor Dwayne Johnson is currently years 45 old while his partner Lauren is currently 32 years old. Thus there’s an age difference of 13 years.

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4. The Undertaker And Michelle McCool

WWE Couples With Huge Age Difference Between Them


The greatest superstar in the history of WWE, ‘The Deadman’! ‘The Undertaker’! He is currently 52 years old and he is happily married to former WWE Divas champion wrestler Michelle McCool. Former WWE wrestler Michelle McCool is currently 37 years old and thus there’s a huge age difference of 15 years old. What’s more interesting is that before meeting Michelle, Mark Calaway AKA The Undertaker had two failed marriages. The first relationship being with Jodi Lynn who Mark was married to for 10 years and then he married Sara Frank. Undertaker even had tattooed her name on his neck. But due to Sara being over protective of The Undertaker backstage interaction and engagement with female wrestlers led to an unexpected divorce.

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