5 WWE Couples With Huge Age Difference Between Them

3. Hulk Hogan And Jennifer McDaniel

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I was wondering whether to include him on the list or not, as Hulk Hogan has been officially removed from the WWE after a controversial recording went public in which he can be heard saying a racial slur. But he’s a worldwide iconic figure when it comes to wrestling, you can’t ignore his accomplishments, he’s responsible for taking wrestling to the mainstream. So I thought yeah I should put him on the list. So Hulk Hogan, you know what happens when you date a woman younger than you, you know what happens…YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! Hulk Hogan is 63 years old and he is married to Jennifer McDaniel who is 42 years old. There’s an age difference of 21 years in this relationship.


2. Bret Hart And Stephanie Washington

WWE Couples With Huge Age Difference


Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart has had an illustrious career, filled with many ups and downs. He had his fair share of tragedies whether it’s inside the ring or outside. Bret was involved in many relationships throughout his life, but his present relationship is definitely shocking when it comes to the age difference. Bret Hart is 60 years old and he is married to Stephanie Washington, you won’t believe this, Stephanie is 34 years old. There’s a huge age gap of 26 years in this marriage. During a Total Divas segment on the WWE Network, Bret Hart appeared with his wife for the first time on the television. This WWE couple maintains a low profile.

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1. Jerry Lawler And Lauryn McBride

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Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler tops out list with his partner Lauryn McBride. Jerry Lawler is currently 67 years old and he is dating Lauryn McBride who is 28 years old. There’s a huge shocking age difference of 39 years in this relationship. I mean Lauryn is dating a guy of his dad’s age, she has gotten herself a sugar daddy. What’s funny is that Lauryn wasn’t even born when Jerry first got married. But  hey nothing else matters when you’re in true love.

So guys what do you think about the shocking age difference between these famous WWE couples? Well you know what they say, love knows no age difference. Feel free to express yourself by commenting below the article. Like our page Humor Nation.

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