10 Shocking WWE Moments That Were Real And Not Scripted

Professional wrestling may not be fake to the TV, but it is well is scripted. But when you have hours upon hours of television being written for on a weekly basis, some things about to go differently than creative expected. Some of these moments are minor, some devastating, but some make for a long lasting WWE moments. This is that list. So welcome to Humor Nation.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Iconic, Shocking WWE Moments That Weren’t Scripted

10. Puder Versus Kurt Angle

10 Shocking WWE Moments That Were Real And Not Scripted

Tough Enough! Do you remember, once upon a time before the era of whatever the hell Tough Enough was a segment that took place on the actual weekly shows, meaning they would get direct interaction with the WWE Superstars. One of these stars was Kurt Angle, not sure if you heard but he’s won a gold medal before, I’m pretty sure he had a broken freaking neck there something like that.

Kurt Angle being the legitimate tough wrestler, he is calling out any of the young competitors to a shoot wrestling match and one Daniel Puder accepted it before easily slipping Angle into a Kimura lock. Kurt Angle almost had his arm legitimately broken by a rookie fighting for a million dollar contract with Al Snow.

9. Damien Bites Randy Savage

Damien the snake as in Jake the snake Roberts, in a normal routine Roberts would set Damien on top of his opponent to strike fear into their hearts and intimidate them to no end. One problem though Damien actually bit in the savages arm, like for real. The snake was professionally trained and all, but animals will be wild and Damien wasn’t feeling like a Slim Jim.

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8. The Brawl For All

This is the stupidest thing any wrestling promoter has ever come up with. The big idea was to take a whole bunch of lower to mid Carders and throw them in this tournament where the whole scripting and the fake part of wrestling is taken away, and had them just kick the shit out of each other for real because profit. Well no, actually it was awful to fancied it and they didn’t even serve it’s one single purpose of putting over Dr. Death Steve Williams who was originally meant to win the tournament, but lost to the eventual tournament winner Bart Gunn who earned a shot to compete against ButterBean at WrestleMania and then his career was ended.

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