10 Shocking WWE Moments That Were Real And Not Scripted

7. The V Sign

You know the V, I’m talking about the one Mickie James made with her fingers and the tongue after grabbing Trish Stratus right up on the crotch. Despite Mickey’s obsessed stalker character and this move completely fitting her, Vince was reportedly furious about it. How dare you act sexual towards the women, we had you meet up with under a mistletoe and make out with. Shame on you Mickie.

6. The Glass Doesn’t Break

King of the Ring 2001, Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon are in a bitter feud culminating in a street fight and at a certain point in the match, both men are up on top of the ramp where there is for some reason sheets of glass that could in theory be used to sort of kill someone. But let’s put that past us for a second, Kurt went to suplex Shane into the glass which based on the physics should have sent seen right through the glass except uh oh wasn’t gimmick, didn’t actually was plexiglass. So enjoy your fall, Shane right onto his head he goes, and that’s one way to ruin a night.


5. Royal Rumble 2005

It’s hard to get more infamous than causing your boss a level of frustration that ended in him tearing both of his quads. That is pretty damn impressive and that’s exactly what Vince McMahon did when he came out after John Cena and Batista, the final two competitors in the Royal Rumble 2005 ended up botching the finish by actually managing to have their feet touch the floor at the same time, which when you think about it statistically is really impressive.

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