6 WWE Superstars Before They Were Famous

Hello again guys! Welcome to Humor Nation and welcome to top 5 things . A year old, it’s amazing how many amazing future superstars WWE performance Center has produced. Before it was produced, people getting a opportunity to make in the WWE was very challenging. If a prospective superstar was lucky then he would receive a try out match at WWE Heat or WWE Velocity. Today we are looking at five WWE Superstars and their matches in the WWE ring. Some of which took place 10 years before they became WWE Superstars.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 WWE Superstars Before They Were Famous!

1. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has now become one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. At Summerslam 2013, he defeated John Cena to become the WWE Champion, but that was not the first time these competitors faced off. Nearly a decade ago, Daniel Bryan competed against his future rival in a losing effort on WWE Velocity. Despite impressive performance against Cena and Jamie Noble, Bryan wouldn’t return at WWE TV Until 2010.

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2. Mick Foley

6 WWE Superstars Before They Were Famous

Before becoming a hardcore legend, Mick Foley competed in WWE under the name ‘Jack Foley’ which was his father’s name. These matches took place in 1986 on vintage shows including Superstars and Wrestling Challenge. The future WWE hall of famer faced the British Bulldog, Hercules, and Kamala twice.

3. Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder has been a member of ‘The Majors Brothers’ and ‘Edgeheads’ and of course the first and only Internet champion. Before all that, Zack Ryder made his WWE debut on Smackdown in 2005 when he faced the imposing Matt Morgan. Ryder impressed the WWE enough to offer him a developmental deal and later become a WWE United States Champion.


4. The Hardy Boyz

The Hardy Boyz is one of the most decorated tag teams in WWE history. Before they won the tag team titles, they competed in singles matches when they were teenagers against the established superstars. While Matt Hardy used his real name, Jeff used the name Jeff Harvey.

5. Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose made his first WWE appearance back in 2006, nearly years prior to his debut in ‘The Shield’. Dean Amrbose faced the WWE tag team champions ‘MNM’ on Velocity. Ambrose may have been unsuccessful that night, but he got the chance to return the favor to Mercury 8 years later.

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6. AJ Styles

This final superstar on the list might be the most surprising one. Many people think that the phenomenal one, AJ Styles made his WWE debut when he entered the 2016 Royal Rumble. But as a matter of fact AJ Styles first appeared in 2002 when he squared off against Hurricane in a dark match. The wrestler was offered a WWE developmental deal, but he turned it down and took the long route. But it did work out in the end.

It’s hard to imagine that these Superstars competed in WWE way before their WWE debut many years later. It just goes to show how hard these wrestlers work to become a WWE superstar. Guys, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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