Year 2023: What Is The Originals Cast Doing Now?

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Originals started airing in 2013, but the idea took its inception the moment the Mikaelson Family first appeared in the TVD Universe. Fans started making edit videos, creating a spin-off which took a life of its own. Even the cast members such as Joseph Morgan were extremely moved by such fan creativity and shared the work on his public handles. Julie Plec and team worked on to make this fantasy a reality which also marked the debut of the first spin-off the CW Network which would go on to feature several spin-off shows. The show aired its final episode in 2018 and it’s been almost five years since Originals concluded, so what the cast is upto?

So Take A Look At What The Originals Cast Is Doing In The Year 2023



Danielle Campbell got her first break with Prison Break where she appeared in a guest role. She would then go on to work in several Disney Projects such as Starstruck and Zeke & Luther before landing up a role on the Originals. Her role of Davina Claire in the Originals received a favorable response from the fans. Since the conclusion of the Originals, the actress has appeared in the CBS TV show ‘Tell Me A Story’ where she appeared in both the seasons playing a main role. The actor Paul Wesley who played Stefan Salvatore in the TVD Universe was also part of this show.


Year 2023: What Is The Originals Cast Doing Now?

It’s a known fact now that Joseph Morgan’s very first acting audition came when he tried for the role of Tom Riddle AKA Voldemort in second Harry Potter, but didn’t get the part. He would go to become a part of shows such as Hex, Alexander, The Line of Beauty, Casualty, and Doc Martin. But his biggest role came when he was cast as Nikklau Mikaelson in the Vampire Diaries. He would reprise the character in Originals nd Legacies. It was on the TVD sets that Joseph would meet his future wife Persia White who played the role of Abby Bennett. Since the conclusion of Originals, Joseph Morgan has appeared in Brave New World (2020) where he played the role of CJack60. But two main shows that he has been part of, as a part of the main cast are Titans (2022) where Morgan is playing the comic book character Sebastian Sanger. The second show is Halo (2023) which is based on the popular video game of the same name, Joseph would be playing the main role of James Ackerson in the Season 2 of Halo.

Year 2023: What Is The Vampire Diaries Cast Doing Now?


Year 2023: What Is The Originals Cast Doing Now?

While many actors got mainstream popularity through Vampire Diaries and Originals. There were some actors who already tasted success due to their prior work. Phoebe Tonkin received global fame due to her role of Cleo Sertori in H20 Just Add Water. Phobe would work in couple of Australian movies and TV shows such as Home and Away, When The War Began, Packed to Rafters, and so on. In 2011, she arrived in Los Angeles to become a part of the global films and television. She became a part of the CW show ‘The Secret Circle’ which was directed by Kevin Williamson. However when she show was cut short, Phoebe got an opportunity to become a part of TVD when she was reunited with her friend Claire Holt.

Since Originals ended, Phoebe Tonkin has explored her acting career by taking on different roles such as joining Bloom where she plays the younger version of an old character. Phoebe would try her hands at short films, she wrote and her directed her first short film titled ‘Furlough’ which was shown at various movie festivals. The actress is also a part of the famous Women Filmmaker Program of Tribeca Chanel which aims towards empowering the women directions and filmmakers. In 2022, she appeared in the Hollywood film ‘Babylon’ which featured Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie in the lead roles. Speaking of her business ventures, the actress started a clothing brand called Lesjour which the actress had been planning for a long time, but pandemic brought it into fruition.


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