Year 2023: What Is The Supernatural Cast Doing Now?

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural has ended, but the family of Supernatural is ‘Always and Forever’. Over the course of fifteen years, the fans have developed an intense emotional bond with the actors of the Supernatural. Jensen and Jared portrayed the iconic characters of Sam and Dean Winchester, taking the fans on a crazy emotional ride which is full of thrill, comedy, mystery, and lots of heartbreaks. The actors of the fans are well aware of their special connection with the fans and never missed a chance to express their gratitude to the SPN Fandom. The actors have expressed the possibility of not completely closing the door on their characters and the show. It won’t be a surprise if Supernatural does make a comeback at some point in the near future. But the fans are curious to know what the cast of Supernatural is up to? What are their beloved characters doing right now?

So Take A Look At What The Supernatural Cast Doing Now In 2023!


Year 2023: What Is The Supernatural Cast Doing Now?
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Jensen Ackles has done lots of amazing work. His acting career includes numerous critically acclaimed films and shows. But it’s actually Supernatural that became the highlight of his career. Jensen will forever be associated with the role of Dean Winchester, a young man who only wanted to locate his missing father, but ended up being dragged in a strange world of ghosts and demons. Since the conclusion of Supernatural, Jensen has kept himself pretty busy.

He voiced the role of Batman in the animated Batman movie titled ‘Long Halloween’. In 2020, Jensen joined the cast of ‘The Boys’ as Soldier Boy. The Amazon Original show has been created by Eric Kripke who conceived Supernatural. Jensen’s performance as Soldier Boy was met with rave reviews and he is expected to reprise the role in the upcoming season. Jensen also became the executive producer of SPN spin-off titled ‘The Winchesters’ which focuses on the lives of Mary and John Winchester, parents of Sam and Dean. Ackles reprised the Dean’s role who serves as the narrator of the series. In 2022, Jensen became a part of the TV series ‘Big Sky’ where he debuted in Season 2 finale as Sheriff Arlen. He is also working on a film called ‘Rust’ whose production has been halted due to a tragedy that occurred on the sets involving Alec Baldwin.


Year 2023: What Is The Supernatural Cast Doing Now?
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Misha Collins penned an emotional message when Supernatural came to an end. The actor joined the show in 2008 as the angel Castiel and over time, he became a crucial part of the show. Since the conclusion of Supernatural, he has appeared in a drama film titled ‘Encounter (2021)’. In 2021, the actor started hosting a TV show on PBS Network which focuses on the food culture across America. The show is titled ‘Roadfood” Discovering America’. In 2021, Misha’s book titled ‘Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You’ which has a collection of numerous poems was published. In 2022, Misha joined the cast of the DC Universe show titled ‘Gotham Knights’ where he would be playing Harvey Dent who ends up becoming Two Face.


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