Year 2023: What Is The Vampire Diaries Cast Doing Now?


Welcome back to Humor Nation. On September 2009, with the premiere of the Vampire Diaries, not just CW Network, but the lives of many fans were changed completely. The Vampire Diaries is a show based on the books which takes place in Mystic Falls which is a hotspot for supernatural activities. A young girl named Elena quickly finds herself in the middle of the Supernatural affairs. The show comprised of entirely young and fresh faces. Although, there were actors such as Ian Somerhalder who already got fame and recognition with his work in ‘Lost’, but TVD definitely became their career’s biggest success. So TVD became a launching pad for the new coming actors. Fast forward to 2023, it’s already been nearly 6 years since the show ended and while TVD still airs on Netflix. But the cast has moved on, becoming a part of new projects, the fans are still passionate about their favorite actors. So let us check out what the cast of Vampire Diaries is upto!

So Take A Look At What Is The Vampire Diaries Cast Doing Now In 2023?


Year 2023: What Is The Vampire Diaries Cast Doing Now?
The CW

Nina Dobrev was a completely new face. At the time of her casting, she received quite a backlash as the fans of the novels felt that casting Nina who looks different from the Elena in the books is a very bad choice. However, Nina shut down all the critics with her performance. In 2015, Nina announced that she would be leaving Vampire Diaries which surprised everyone. In 2015, she would appear in the movie called ‘The Final Girls’ and also acted in ‘Return of Xander Cage’ while also acting in the movie ‘Flatliners’. And in 2019, she appeared in the entertaining films titled Run This Town and Lucky Day. The actress is currently in a relationship with the American snowboarder titled Shaun White. 2022- A romantic film titled Redeeming Love which featured Nina in a supporting role. Her upcoming movies include ‘Sick Girl’ for which she is also the executive producer. Her upcoming movies also include ‘The Outlaws’ and ‘Reunion’


Year 2023: What Is The Vampire Diaries Cast Doing Now?
The CW

Paul Wesley’s major success came through Vampire Diaries. However, the actor had a tough luck when it comes to love life. He fell for Torrey DeVitto while working on a film in 2007 and they got married in 2011, but ended up separating in 2013. It was reported that Paul started dating Phoebe Tonkin, but eventually he would get married to Ines De Ramon. Unfortunately, they called off their marriage in 2022. Paul and Ian launched their business venture together titled Brother’s Bond in the year 2020 which has resulted in an immense success. Ever since Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley has appeared in a TV show called ‘Tell Me A Story’, appearing in the main cast for two consecutive seasons. He would then go on to direct ‘Roswell, New Mexico’. In 2022, Paul Wesley joined the cast of the eleventh Star Trek, playing the role of James Kirk which he called to be his dream role.


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