Year 2023: What Is The Vampire Diaries Cast Doing Now?


Year 2023: What Is The Vampire Diaries Cast Doing Now?
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Ian Somerhalder was already a household name due to his character of Boone Carlyle in the Lost TV series. But his role of Damon Salvatore elevated his acting career to a new stratosphere. After the conclusion of TVD, Ian would play the main role of Dr. Luther Swann in the NETFLIX show V-Wars which he also produced. However, the show was cancelled prematurely. Since then Ian has only appeared in a documentary titled ‘Kiss The Ground’. Ian has focused his attention majorly on his business venture with Paul Wesley. After his relationship ended with Nina in 2013, he started dating Nikki Reed and the two got married in 2015. Their first daughter was born in 2017 and the couple is expecting their second baby in 2023.


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Before she was cast as Caroline Forbes in the Vampire Diaries, she was a part as a background singer in the tour of Miley Cyrus. Candice would make appearances in TV shows such as Supernatural and How I Met Your Mother before joining the TVD main cast. She would go on to appear in all the three TVD songs. Since TVD, Candice has been part of two TV films. First one is the 2021 released film ‘Christmas in Tune’ where she played Belle and the 2022 released TV film based on the real life of Melanie Mcguire. Candice got married to the popular musician Joe King in 2014. Together they have two daughters, but the couple announced separation in 2022.

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Kat Graham is a woman of various talents. She can act, sing, and dance. Many don’t know that Kat started her industry career at the young age of six years old. She has made appearances in various popular music videos. However, her TV career started with Lizzie McGuire. Her TV career was boosted after playing the role of Bonnie Bennett in TVD. After TVD was finished, Kat played the role of the actress Jada Pinkett in the 2017 released biopic titled All Eyez on Me based on the life of Tupac. Since then Kat would go on a Netflix movie spree, playing a significant role in the comedy films such as Operation Christmas Drop and Holiday Calendar which received rave reviews. Kat has voiced the role of April O’Neil in the animated series of Ninja Turtles. While making appearances in shows such as Trolls, Drop the Mic, Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered, and Masked Singer. She has also been doing the voice role of Rhythm and Blues in the animated series Trolls.

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