You’ll Be Surprised After Knowing The Earnings Of PUBG

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. PUBG must have made a lot of money as nowadays everyone person is busy playing PUBG all the time, at least the people am surrounded with are always busy in with PUBG. While PUBG is already earning a good amount of money from the in-app purchases, but they also earn by selling your data of course.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Earnings Of PUBG!

You'll Be Surprised After Knowing The Earnings Of PUBG

But don’t misunderstand it because the data we’re talking about is your voice chat, they listening to voice chat from their devices, they just pick up some keywords from it and then they are sold to big advertisers for a large amount of profit. But anyways they derive a large amount of money from their in-app purchases.

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This epic game has earned about $103 million in the month February through sales and in the month of March PUBG earned around $223 million alone. That’s a great amount to be earned in just a month, the amount just gets tripled every month and that much revenue is just too much.

Though the Fortnite game is the biggest competitor of PUBG and the plus point of  Fortnite is its accessibility on multi-platform and has launched on both Xbox One and PS4 and also on PCs at the same time. This game is said to be more kid-friendly due to its cartoonish looks and PUBG here sometimes suffers. PUBG is said to have blue holes and it is said that instead of creating new content they fighting their problems regarding other problems like cheating, etc.

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But it is a common factor that everyone has a competitor in the market and so does PUBG, so they just need to cope up a little bit because they are already doing very well in the market but somewhere lacking behind due to Fortnite. Recently it is reported that Fortnite has surpassed the monthly revenue of PUBG.

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