10 Amazing Facts About Indian Armed Forces That Will Make You Proud

Hello Readers! Welcome Back to Humor Nation. Every day we should thank the Indian Army because if we are able to sleep peacefully at night, its just because of them. They set a perfect example of bravery for our coming generations. So, let’s know about them more.

So here are some amazing facts about the Indian Army that we should know

1. The highest battlefield in the world, The Siachen Glacier which is 5000 meters above the mean sea level is controlled by our country India.

2. The Indian is said to have around 9 army bases and total 53 cantonments which are spread across India.

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3. The biggest voluntary army in the world resides in India, this is a matter of pride as we have the greatest number of soldiers in the world who are willing to protect their nation.

4. The biggest construction agencies in India is The Military Engineering Services.

5. The world consists of only three cavalry regiments and The Indian army has one such cavalry regiment out of three.


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