How Well Do You Know The Undertaker From Black Butler?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Undertaker is a man of mystery. A handsome tall, lean man with long hair and a top hat. Known for his creepy giggles and spends most of his time taking a nap inside the coffins. Undertaker calls the deceased his guests and his favorite hobby is removing the organs from his guests for research purpose. He also functions as an informant for the Phantomhive family, he’s been doing the job since the time of Vincent Phantomhive, father of Ciel. Undertaker works as a funeral director for the normal society. He has extensive connections with the Underworld because the murder victims of these societies are delivered to him.

How Well Do You Know The Undertaker From Black Butler?

The Weird Undertaker Theory From Black Butler That Makes Total Sense!

He is in fact a retired Grim Reaper, other reapers refer to him as a ‘deserter’. It’s because he had performed the job of a Grime Reaper for a very long time, reaped countless souls. His efficient work earned him the status of the best Grim Reaper among the reapers. But he got tired of the same repeated boring job, he left his job and started a funeral parlor. His character has been ranked as the third most popular character in the Black Butler series and is the most handsome character in Black Butler. He has long gray hair and his eyes are phosphorescent which is a trait of the Grim Reapers. He has long black nails and a scar on his face. Undertaker wears a black robe.


So Take The Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Know The Undertaker From Black Butler?

So how many did you manage to get it right? Also, do tell us what do you like the most about the character of Undertaker? Don’t forget to share this amazing quiz with your Kuroshitsuji friends.

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