10 Pictures That Prove Time Travel Is Real

Time travel is real

When we talk about time travel, we are very imaginative, we talk about fantasies like going back in time and killing Hitler to prevent the holocaust. Time travel has been featured in many movies, has been the important plot element of many great stories. Iconic movies like ‘Back To The Future’ are remembered for its time travel adventures, shows like ‘Doctor Who’ where the protagonist travels through time and space dimensions.

It has been the a subject of debate among the physicists whether this phenomenon is possible or not? Is time travel possible? Can one really travel to the future? Travelling in future, forward in time is surprisingly easy. Albert Einstein developed the revolutionary special theory of relativity in 1905. The theory changed everything. It said that time is not singular. Time passes differently for different observers. Depending on the motion of the observer, the time passes. It means that time passes at different rates for people who are moving relative to one another. So if one moves through space-time, approaching with the speed of light, then surprising thing will happen. Time will progress slower for you than for the people you left behind. You won’t notice the difference until you return back to the stationary people.

You can use the wormholes, the bridges through time and space to travel through the time. Watch Interstellar to better understand the concepts of wormholes, time travel. Although travelling in past is next to impossible, but over the time many pictures and evidences have surfaced suggesting that travelling to past can happen too. Even the physicists and the scientists would dismiss the possibility, but these photos suggest otherwise.

Let’s take a look at 10 Pictures That Prove Time Travel Is Real!

1. A time traveler caught on camera! This is a photo from the Virtual Museum of Canada website, the picture was taken on reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the early 1940s in Gold Bridge, B.C., Canada. The event was attended by a lot of people. See anything unusual here..?


How about now? Take a look at this guy. Who is this individual with glasses and t-shirt, clearly he isn’t from that era. The guy with the modern attire, goggles, t-shirt, jacket is a time traveler!

2. The man from the future returns in time to witness the boxing legend Mike Tyson in his prime. In the 1995 fight between Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley in Las Vegas. Look at the crowd, someone in the crowd is taking a picture from a strange device, what appears to be a smart phone. A device which is way ahead of the 90’s.


3. The picture you see below is a painting which was created in the 1800’s. Look in the picture, you can see a man holding a box, what appears to be a CD box from a closer look. Another hand is taking something out from the box, perhaps a CD? CD’s weren’t in use until the 1980’s. So what could it be? A box or a container to keep something important?


4. A couple was going through some books in an old book store when they came across this picture. The couple grabbed  a book titled “The Cape Scott Story” which was published in 1974. When they were browsing the book, flipping its pages, they came across this picture. Look at the guy in the center, his attire doesn’t look like he’s from that time. The men around him are also looking at him in shock.


5. In December 2008, during an archaeological exploration of the undisturbed giant coffin in the 400-year-old Si Qing tomb in Shangsi County, Chinese archaeologists found a small, perfectly formed metal watch. What’s more surprising is the fact that the object which resembled a watch had its time frozen at 10:06 and the word ‘Swiss’ was engraved on its back.


6. Cellphones weren’t invented until the 1970’s. The picture below is from the footage of a crowd of people exiting a DuPont factory in Massachusettsas in 1938. The woman is seen to be holding a cellphone up to her ear, speaking on the cellphone. Time travel confirmed.


7. This strange classified ad appeared in the in the 1997 edition of Backwoods Home Magazine. This advertisement inspired a film titled “Safety Not Guaranteed” which was released in 2012. This clearly indicates some people have access to the time machine.


8. The unsolved mystery of Rudolph Fentz. In June 1950, a man suddenly appeared out of thin air at the center of New York City’s Times Square, he was wearing old-fashioned clothes, his sideburns and hairstyle was that had gone out of style decades ago. When the police searched the man, they found nineteenth-century currency and cards identifying him as Rudolph Fentz. Later Rudolph Fentz Jr’s widow told them the police that the appearance of the mysterious man matched her father-in-law, Rudolph Fentz Sr., who had disappeared one day without a trace in 1876. It was him.


9. This is from the DVD version of Charlie Chaplin’s film “The Circus”. In this scene two people walk behind a zebra, the weird part about this picture is the woman can be seen holding something close to her ear. A cellphone maybe?


10. Enough Said.

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