10 Scary & Disturbing Horror Movies That Are Based On True Stories!

When a writer writes a story, they derive the inspiration from the personal experiences or real life events, incidents about which they have heard in the news or read in the newspaper. And when it comes to writing horror stories, making horror movies, these screenwriters can take inspiration from real life sources and make a very powerful and terrifying script which will scare the viewers. So next time when you see your favorite horror icons like Leatherface, the serial killer Freddy Krueger, just remember they aren’t just a figment of writer’s imagination, their creation is based on some terrifying real facts.

So let’s take a look at 10 Scary & Disturbing Horror Movies That Are Based On True Stories!

10. Nightmare on Elm Street

Suspected pedophile Freddy Krueger is burned alive by the parents of his supposed victims. After his death he haunts the children and parents alike and takes his vengeance on them. He finds his victim while they sleep and murders them in their dreams obviously no nightmare murder existed. However, Wes Craven was inspired to write the story after reading in the LA Times the detailed deaths of Cambodians in their sleep! The paper featured three articles on three different deaths, but never connected the stories together. One death in particular grabbed Cravens interest about a man who was petrified of falling asleep when he finally did, days later he died for unexplained reasons.

9. The Mothman Prophecies

This film details the fictionalized encounter with the legendary Mothman creature. It appears to be a winged human and is said to foretell ominous events. This story is far from fiction, The Legend of the Mothman is alive and well in the eastern US. Many people have encountered this creature going back as far as 1966 when two young couples told police they saw a large white creature whose eyes glowed red when the car headlights picked it up. They described it as a large flying man with 10 foot wings following their car one they were driving. After the 1967 December collapse of the Silver Bridge and the death of 46 people, it gave rise to the legend and connected the Mothman sightings to the bridge clamps. People still claimed to see the Mothman every now and then.

8. The Hills Have Eyes

A car breaks down and a family’s left stranded in a desolate area of California that is not intended to be traveled on.. What they encounter it’s a group of cannibalistic savages who are looking for something to eat. While the true story dates back to the 16 century Scotland, it is still terrifying. Alexander Bean was the leader of a group of 48 cave dwellers who got their food by trapping, killing, and eating humans. Over 1000 people are estimated to have been killed and eaten in the 24 years this group was active.

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