How Much Do You Know Ciel Phantomhive From Black Butler?

Welcome to Humor Nation. He is the Queen’s watchdog, the head of the Phantomhive house. He is a wise, mature, but egotistical boy who lost his parents Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive in a fair. He is now the run of the Funtom Company which is in the line of manufacturing toys and sweets. He has made a deal with a demon who has now become his butler. Like his family’s ancestors, Ciel has taken the responsibility of being Queen’s watchdog. It’s his job to eliminate the bad guys and criminals and solve the underworld mysteries for the Queen.

How Much Do You Know Ciel Phantomhive From Black Butler?

When Ciel was enslaved by a cult, he made a deal with the demon Sebastian. His contract is that in exchange for his soul. the demon Sebastian would be in Ciel’s service till his death. Ciel then made a mission to find out all the people responsible behind the tragedy and suffering that he endured. Ciel Phantomhive is cold, merciless, but very intelligent.

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He likes eating cake and loves drinking tea. Ciel is clever, but lazy at the time. He might be physically weak, but his mental capabilities are impressive. He is also proficient when it comes to using guns. Sebastian Michaelis is the demon who has taken the responsibility of being Ciel’s butler, forever dedicated to all his orders. Ciel is a child, but his traits are that of a mature young man.

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So Let’s Take A Look At How Much Do You Know Ciel Phantomhive From Black Butler?

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