10 Shocking And Disgusting Facts About Coca-Cola!

The Coca-Cola company was established in Atlanta, Georgia 130 years ago in 1886. It was originally patented as medicinal tonic, but it was later marketed as a soft drink

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Today we are finding out more about one of the most iconic brands in the world “Coca-Cola”. The Coca-Cola company was established in Atlanta, Georgia 130 years ago in 1886. It was originally patented as medicinal tonic, but it was later marketed as a soft drink in order to reach more people. It is now the biggest selling soft drink in the world dominating the beverage market in nearly every country and all with its top secret formula kept firmly under wraps. We had to dig deeper into arguably the world’s most famous soft drink brand. According to the official Coca-Cola website they actually sell 1.8 billion bottles of coke every single day. But you might not know some of these disturbing facts about them. So let’s jump right into this.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Shocking And Disgusting Facts About Coca-Cola!

1. Cocaine In Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine. The first Coca-Cola drink was made in 1886 by John Stith Pembert0n as a medicine that promised to cure all kinds of things from headaches to hysteria. The ingredients included sugar syrup, vanilla cinnamon oil and two things that gave the drink its name, Kola nuts powder and coca leaf extract which contained cocaine. By the time cocaine was made illegal in 1914, Coca-Cola had already stopped using fresh coca leaves to make their drink and instead were only using spent coca leaf which is basically the same but with all the cocaine taken out.

2. Coca-Cola Can Be Harmful To Your Health

Now the World Health Organization recommends that the average person can consume no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar in one day that includes all drinks and all meals. Everything that you might put in your mouth shouldn’t contain more than six teaspoons of sugar and guess how much one single can of coke contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. That means if you drink 3 cans of coke a day you’ve actually consumed more than five times the amount of recommended sugar and I don’t recommend that and neither does the World Health Organization.

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3. Coca-Cola And Antisemitism

The Coca-Cola company has been accused in the past of antisemitism. A number of times the accusations range from continuing to run a branch of the company in Nazi Germany during World War II to seemingly refusing to do business in Israel in order to not upset its Arabic countries. They also made a video celebrating 75 years of Fanta in Germany by referencing the good old days which many people found offensive because those days were also known as the Holocaust days now. Although they’ve been quick to apologize for all this and distance their self from the controversy. But it has left a bitter taste in the mouths of lot of people.

4. People Died From Drinking Too Much Coke

The fact that someone actually died from drinking too much coke in 2013 in New Zealand. Coroner said that Coca-Cola was a substantial factor in the death of a 30 years old Natasha Harris. She apparently drank 10 liters or 2.7 gallons of coke every single day. Her family said she had an addiction and if she didn’t get her fix she would go into withdrawal and start shaking. One day she had a heart attack went into cardiac arrest and died. The coroner said that she died due to insufficient potassium levels and excessive caffeine levels. So enjoy your coke responsibly guys because if you’re measuring it by the gallon then you’re probably doing it wrong.

5. H2NO Campaign

Coca-Cola once ran a secretive campaign called H2NO Campaign to train restaurant employees to dissuade people from ordering tap water and persuade them to order coke. Restaurants like Olive Garden were eager to get on board with the campaign because they didn’t like how many of their customers were getting water instead of paying for a drink. Coca-Cola stepped in with their program that included training waiters in the art of persuasion and even an incentive program for people who could upsell coke the most to customers. Some people saw this is clever marketing but when the story broke in the New York Times, a lot of people saw it as a war on good old water.

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6. Pesticides In Coca-Cola

We’re going over to India. In 2003 the Centre For Science And Environment of New Delhi announced that Coke in the country was found to contain pesticides. That’s the substance used for killing insects on crops. They found that coke contained 30 times the amount of pesticide levels considered safe for human consumption. If pesticides are consumed by humans it can cause cancer and reduce bone mineral density. To this day coke still denies that there was any pesticide in their drink, but this didn’t stop any percentage drop in sales.

7. Share A Coke Controversy

It’s the fact that Coca-Cola’s controversy isn’t limited to the distant past. In 2014 they came under International fire for continuing to sponsor the Winter Olympics in Sochi despite president Putin’s infamous anti-laws in Russia. Gay rights activist slammed Coca-Cola for continuing the sponsorship. One group AllOut hire trucks to circle Coca-Cola’s headquarter in Atlanta with billboards urging a company to call on Russia to repeal the anti-gay laws. They also have that “Share A Coke” campaign going on where you could order a coke with your friend’s name on it, but when you do it this happened. They later apologized for it and said that was never meant to happen, but for a lot of people the damage was already done.

8. Coke Contains Alcohol

In 2012 researchers in France found that Coca-Cola actually contains alcohol. This caused quite a shock among people who chose a drink because of health or safety reasons, but others were quick to point out that the alcohol levels in Coke are as low as 10 milligrams a liter. This was disturbing to a lot of people especially religious people, some Muslims for example were worried about whether or not they could drink Coca-Cola because Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol.

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9. Martin Luther King Didn’t Want People To Buy Coke

Going back to April the 3rd 1968. This was the day before Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. He gave his now famous mountaintop speech, but this was only part of a bigger speech. Why was Martin Luther King telling people to not buy a coke? Well he felt that people shouldn’t be economically supporting the Coca-Cola company who was said to be exploiting their black workers. He accused them of paying them lower wages than their white counterparts for harder work and longer hours, but we’ll never know.

10. Obscenity

Coke was once accused of an obscenity when they will leave this poster which appears to show a pretty explicit sexual stuff going on. It was released in Australia in the 1980s and went totally unnoticed by the company until someone saw it on the back of a coke truck and pointed it out to them. Coca-Cola ended up having to recall all the posters and just destroy them. The artists who made the poster said they did it as a joke, but that joke kind of backfired on them when Coca-Cola fired them and sued them. One coke president said it was actually quite irresponsible and not amusing.

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