10 Uncommon Things That Required Doctor’s Prescription

Hey viewers! Welcome to Humor Nation. A doctor is a life savior. A doctor’s prescription is a list of various drugs that can cure any health issue. But do you know, a doctor’s prescription was required to buy some general things in the past?

Here are the names of 10 such uncommon things. No doctor’s prescription meant no access to buy them!

10. S-ee-x Toys

At earlier times, any toy that stimulated the human genital organs faced a ban on purchases. But, they were an addiction to some people. They could be bought after a prescription.

10 Uncommon Things That Require Doctor's Prescription

9. Contraceptives

Only a person who showed a medical prescription can buy contraceptives. Certainly, there was no logic behind the rule, but still, it was followed.

10 Uncommon Things That Require Doctor's Prescription

8. Chewing Gum

Singapore announced a ban on chewing gums. Only a person who needed it to cure dental issues can buy a gum over there. No general store at Singapore sells them.

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7. Alcohol

Excess intake of alcohol destroys peace and creates a fuss. To surpass the issue the government issued a law. A doctor’s prescription was mandatory to get alcohol.

6. Cigarettes

Cigarettes have an adverse effect on peoples’ health. Back to the 80’s the cigarettes contained even more harmful compounds. A doctor’s suggestion was the only way to get them.


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