10 Words That Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read!

Perfect Color Vision test.
Do you have a perfect color vision?

Are you guys having perfect vision? Most of the people often find it difficult to distinguish the difference between colors. People often don’t test their eyesight and say I don’t need to take any kind of tests to make sure that I’m not colorblind. We’re going to take a test and there are a lot of people on the internet claiming that they’re having a perfect eyesight. They take this test and then say I didn’t know I wasn’t having a perfect color vision. Though majority of the people have some issues regarding their visions but they are not the major ones.

There are many type of color vision deficiencies that cause problems in the vision of particular color. Some people have problems in identifying blue color while others are not able to see green and there are many such type of color deficiencies. This test is not a medical test and we are not claiming that it will exactly tell you about your eyesight but the people having a healthy eyesight can easily be able to pass this test.

So, it’s pretty simple all you got to do is just see the word that is inside the color box. There are different color combinations that are designed to test your vision capabilities. There are 10 boxes of different colors and each box has a word written on it. All you need to do is to see if you are able to distinguish the word or not. You should not adjust the brightness or tilt the screen unless you are a cheater. Each and every photo in this test is designed to determine if a person has an healthy color vision or not.

The Answers Are Written Below But You Are Not Supposed To Look At Them While Taking The Color Vision Test

Here We Go!






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Here Are The Answers:

1. Tree, 2. Eat, 3. Boot, 4. Sweet, 5. Park, 6. Love, 7. Hat, 8. Bead, 9. Bogan, 10. Yakka

Comment your score in the comment box guys. I got 9/10.