5 Disturbing Things Found In The Deep Web

Hello guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The dark or deep web, we all have heard about it. But what mysteries truly lie at the bottom of the websites hidden from the plain sight. Well that’s why I am here for. Here are the top 5 creepiest, most disturbing things found in the deep dark web.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Disturbing Things Found In The Deep Web!

1. According to some web sites while researching facts for you amazing people, I came across many stories of one particularly twisted sadistic web page. ‘Catering To Cannibals’, for cooking females and this is no sick joke. The website is said to contain in-depth tutorials of how to specifically cut the unfortunate victims and how to keep the victim alive for as long as possible.

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2. Hit Men are no strangers to the world of the dark web. From every nation able to assassinate anyone for the right price. The possibilities are disturbingly endless, imagine one quick transaction over the Internet could cause mass devastation.


3. If you thought cannibals and hit men were the peak of the outrageous dark Internet stories then get ready to be surprised. For example there is a whole community of pedophiles with the rest of the links. There will be no direct link to the websites because of the distressing nature, but bear in mind it is a scary messed up place. And if you download Tor, be careful.

4. I am fully aware that there are many other articles alike to this list. So here is a unique find, I have heard mysterious stories about the deep web. On the black market of the Internet like Silk Road, there are some messed up people. Some of which have been known to buy mysterious goods, some of which are clothing, yes underwear, women’s used underwear is a common valuable asset on a deep web. But what is more distressing is the most buyers are into buying the used underwear from the celebs themselves.

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5. Finally the cruel onion wiki, it is a site in which promotes the torture, rape and mutilation of animals with pictures and videos to prove. Unfortunately this site is more than twisted, users are able to upload their own videos and rate each other’s work. It makes you think how disgusting some human beings can be and what extreme some sick individuals go to for some kind of pleasure.

5 Disturbing Things Found In The Deep Web


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