7 Tricky Riddles That 99% People Fail To Solve!

Time and time again the Internet tries to trip us up with its seemingly endless supply of mind benders and brain teasers. Then we compile our favorites and dump them on you to figure out! Since we have found success in stumping some of our archivists previously we thought we would give it another go with these riddles that many people can’t seem to solve.

So let’s take a look at 7 Tricky Riddles That 99% People Fail To Solve! 

1. Word Riddle

Let’s start this off on the simpler side with a basic word riddle

I have keys that have no matching locks. I have space but no room. You can enter but you can’t go outside. Now think what could possibly have keys with no matching locks, plenty of space but room for nothing and offer you the ability to enter, but not leave? Well it doesn’t sound like a home considering one would have everything this riddle says it doesn’t. Think outside the box give us a pause and see if you can figure it out!

Need a hint?

Well without it there’d be no comments sections. If you guessed a keyboard you figured it out. Keys, a spacebar, an enter key, all elements of the riddle are right in front of you. You may have noticed the first part of the riddle was changed having originally read have keys but no locks, but one can make an argument for the Caps Lock key!

2. Paradox

This riddle is about a man, the man was born before his father. The man killed his mother and he ended up marrying his sister. How in the world is this all possible? Sounds like some forgotten Greek mythological tale, but this riddle is far less scandalous than that.


The answer is all in how you interpret the wording. Can a man really be born before his father or could the riddle mean before as in front of? Why not give us a pause take that hint and see if it helps you to a resolution.


By now you may have realized that hint was really part of the solution. The man can’t have been born prior to his father so his father was present at his birth during which his mother died. As for marrying his sister? Apparently his path in life brought him to officiate weddings and his sister simply asked him to wed her.

3. Murder or Suicide?


This popular riddle is going to require you to put on your deerstalker and pull out your pipe. It’s time for some sleuthing! Many have taken a stab at it so we figured Why not us?! It’s a grim scenario. A young lass seems to have taken her life and at first glance it seems to obviously be a suicide; but then the little details stick out. Can you pinpoint some telling clues?


How did the blood splatter wind up on what would have been her right side when the gun is in her right hand? Maybe she wasn’t facing the window that’s a possibility, but what of the cigarette? The fact that she’s still holding the gun? The unplugged lamp on what looks to be a dark night? The ominous lone sandal? Seems like something fishy is going on here! Putting all the smaller clues together it’s safe to say that this is a murder scene.

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4. How Many Triangles Do You See?


We tried to stump you with squares in a past Archive but that didn’t quite work for some of you. Maybe changing shapes will do the trick! So looking at this image how many do you see? Go ahead pause the video and give a count. We’ll wait.


What’d you wind up with somewhere in the 40′ right? 44 seems to be a popular answer but is the popular answer always correct? NO! In fact it’s quite a ways off to the final answer of 104 . There is a mess of hidden triangles large ones, small ones, mid-sized ones all crammed into this star.

5. Bat And Ball

A bat and ball cost $ 1.10. The bat cost one dollar more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? Who doesn’t love a little math riddle? Well probably a lot of you, especially math riddles that tend to have obvious answers that well aren’t correct.


We’ve found that a lot of people that assume if the bat is $ 1. more then the ball must be $0.10 and while it may look right it’s sloppy math. If the ball is $0.10 and the bat is $1 more then the bat would really cost $1.10 and the total would be $1.20. To get to $1.10 we can’t ignore that however much the ball is the bat will be that plus a dollar. Let’s say the ball costs $0.5 the bat would then be $1.5. Add the two together and you have your magic number $..

6. Find the Series

The first dreaded number riddle. Let’s just dive right into it! So what’s the pattern and correlation from one line to the next? 1, 11, 1211 or maybe that’s not how these numbers are meant to be read. Is each number an individual not a part of a whole? Let’s see if you can figure it out without any further hints! Pause and come back when you’ve got it.


Did you get 13112221 ? You see each subsequent line describes the line before it. The 1 line is really saying one number one, the next line is saying two number ones, and the fourth line is stating one number two and one number one. So the solution string is saying one number three, one number one, two number twos, and two number ones.

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7. Which Tank Will Fill First?

Here we have four empty tanks with equal air pressure and a tap that will pour water at a steady rate into the top tank. Assuming all variables remain the same which of the tanks will fill up first?


Since tanks and have level openings at the bottom of the tank, the water won’t have the chance to fill until the adjacent tank is full. That leaves 3 and 4. Seeing 3 as how also has an opening at the bottom one may assume the same rule applies. Well does it? Not at all!


Because the water has to move up to get from 3 tank to 4, tank 3 will be able to fill while 4 does. In fact the two tanks will wind up filling at the same time giving you your answer.


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