25 Behind The Scenes Photos From Supernatural That Change Everything!

23. When they met Scooby-Doo.

22. The demon king with his bestie Angel.

21. Putting on some make-up.

20. Misha Collins with a facial! A pie facial.

19. Castiel and Metatron hanging out.

18. A picture from the episode ‘Fan Fiction’.

17. Not a very private moment as it looked to us while watching the episode.

16. Held captive! Everything is on the camera.

15. Smiling faces.

14. Taking some measurements.

13. Jensen Ackles ‘The Director’.

12. Shooting at the ‘HOME’.

11. Jared with his stunt double.

10. Jensen Ackles in a wig.

9. Wendigo chilling out.

8. Misha wearing a Sam Winchester T-shirt.

7. Right way to do a cosplay.

6. Castiel with Rowena and Charlie.

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5. A group selfie with God.

4. Sam Winchester after saving a human life.

3. Talking about the shot.

2. Dean Winchester as ‘The Jock’.

1. Jared and Jensen.

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