Hilariously Honest Facts About An Engineer’s Life!

Engineer's Life
Engineering is the most popular career option in India,

Engineering is the most popular career option in India, It’s one of the hardest and most difficult courses in the world. India has become the country where engineering is opted by parents instead of students. We are having an engineering culture in India, and the story of an engineer’s life is very interesting. Around 1.5 million engineering students complete their graduation every year while only fewer of them are getting hired. But this is not about employment, this is not about being the best, this is about being an engineer. Here are some facts, some stuff that only an engineer can relate to. This is for each and every engineer out there feels proud to be an engineer. Engineers love to sleep, but not at night. They study hard, but only a day before the exam.

Here Are Some Funny And Interesting Facts About An Engineer’s Life

1. Newton’s Law About An Engineer’s Life

We have laws of motion which are being taught to us for a long time now, we got Einstein’s theory of relativity, but there’s one awkward law that is unexplained till now. It’s the ‘Law Of Engineering’ which states that efficiency of studying is inversely proportional to the time left for the study. Here the amount of pressure on a student’s mind is constant before the exam and after the exams. This is an engineer’s life.

2. Engineers Think Differently

In engineering, the creativity of a student is more important than his attendance. If you’re one of those who just wants to have attendance, good GPA, a decent placement, then you’re not fit for engineering. If you don’t bunk the classes once in a while then you can miss a lot. Engineering teaches you to deal with the life. As far as I am concerned creativity doesn’t come from sitting in the classroom for attendance. It comes from the exploration, from taking interest in what you’re doing, from being fearless and free.

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3. Engineering Is Full Of Difficulties.

If you’re not tired of studying then you’re not doing engineering. Engineering helps us in almost every aspect of our life; how to cook food by your own, how to wash your clothes, how to save money and a lot more which will help you in the course of life. The most important thing that an engineer learns is to deal with the biggest of the problems of life without worrying. After everything that an engineer goes through, he should be given the Noble prize.

4. Engineering Is Like A War

Engineering is not like every other graduation course, it’s the mixture of torture and drama that happens every time inside the campus. There are 4 Years, 8 Semesters, 16 Mid-Semester Exams, Pre-University Tests, Theory, Lab, Quiz, Assignments and a lot of other torture through which an engineering student has to go in order to be called an ‘Engineer’. It’s no less than a battle. Even Guinness World Records acknowledge that it has chosen Engineering as the toughest course in the world.

5. Good Grades Vs Creative Minds

Every class in an engineering college has a different type of students that you’ll find. There are students who want to impress the teachers by displaying their intellect in front of them, they always ask doubts and then there are students who patiently wait for the boring lecture to finish. The ones who make notes and the others who pay for the photocopy machine. The ones who buy pens and the others who have good friends. The Good grades don’t mean success and lower grades doesn’t means failures. The most important thing is to gain the knowledge instead of marks.