Ghost Can’t Hurt Humans Claimed A Man Who’s Been Living With One!

There are a lot of misconceptions about ghosts. It's mostly because of Hollywood movies. If you watch enough movies.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the existence of a ghost. It’s mostly because of Hollywood movies. If you watch enough movies, they’ll have you checking over your shoulder for dangerous spirits waiting to snap your neck or drag you to hell or whatever bullshit you can think of.

Let’s Look At The Whole Story Of That Ghost Living With A Man

The truth is that ghosts can ever hurt the living, they can’t even touch us. You can trust me on this. Old Peter Menaker has been following a man around for about 15 years now. He’s never once laid a hand on this man. He’s made it abundantly clear the handful of times that he will not hurt anyone. He’s actually said this to the man mostly. Though he just follows the man around drifting in and out of his life with the occasional reminder that he’s there.

That’s all a ghost can really do to you. Actually, just lurk around the corners of your eye, occasionally stepping into the forefront of your vision before disappearing back into the shadows. No one else is ever able to see or hear them so eventually and this man just learned to live with it. that’s what I’ve done at least I’ve gotten older landed my dream job found a wife who loves me and I’ve even had a son last year.

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It’s amazing how it all worked out really. This man is the world away from where he was that night when He was driving back from his teammate’s house. After a few drinks, He heard that sickening thump as he cut a corner a bit too hard. He slammed on the brakes and rushed out of his car. That’s when he saw Mr. Menaker was there in the middle of the road, he met an accident and the blood was seeping out of his mouth. He whispered something about calling an ambulance but just looking at him, the man was sure that Peter wouldn’t make it before they arrived.

He was right but he didn’t stick around to find out anything to help that man out. Obviously, he’s not proud of that night. There isn’t a single day he doesn’t regret it. He hates himself for what he did, but we can’t change the past and we have to live with it. Now, he has become a new person, a better person. He wishes he could change the past but since he can’t what good does living in it do anyone that’s what I try to tell myself.

The man tried to explain himself to Peter’s spirit as often as he can but it’s never made any impact on him. The ghost of Peter just stands there silently and has never touched the man. Ghost can never hurt the living but no one can live forever with a ghost.