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Do You Know The Truth Behind The Death Story Of Crayon Shin Chan? Let’s Find Out The Truth!

Crayon Shin Chan is one of the most popular cartoon characters among the cartoon lovers and it has created a great impact on the minds of its viewers. The Shin Chan TV series has gained immense popularity across the globe. This amazing cartoon is originally a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui. The story of this amazing Shin Chan series revolves around the adventurous life of a 5-year-old kid, Shinnosuke “Shin” Nohara. People first came to know about the Shin Chan character in the year 1990 when it was published in the Japanese weekly magazine ‘Weekly Manga Action’ and it was published by ‘Futabasha’. It kept going nicely for few years but after the death of its writer Yoshito Usui in 2009, the series ended in Feb 2010.

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The anime series of Crayon Shin Chan was started in the year 1992 by a famous channel “TV Asahi”. Unlike the manga series, the anime series of Crayon Shin Chan is still airing and it has been dubbed in more than 30 languages so far, including Hindi. It has over 920 episodes and 25 full-length films so far. Crayon Shin Chan is now a very popular cartoon series and it’s 24th highest grossing animated franchises.


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There is a story that’s been circulating on the social media for a long time now. According to that story, Crayon Shin Chan’s character is based on a real person who was died in an accident along with his sister. So I would like to clarify that the story about Shin Chan’s death and its inspiration that has gone viral on the internet is not true.

First Take A Look At This Fake Story! Watch The Video.

According to this video, Shin Chan was a real character and he died while saving his sister “Himawari” from a car accident. Most of the people believed the story, but the truth is that this story is totally Fake.

Let’s Take A look At The Reality.

Shin Chan was not a real character at all, it was based only on the imagination and pure fiction. The author, Yoshito Usui created the character of Shin Chan in which he wanted to define his own childhood, he added his own flavors to the character and tried to portray how he was in the childhood and the things that he wanted to do as a child but couldn’t do. To depict the life from the point of view of a child. The author wanted to express his thoughts and experiences, so  he created a child Shin-Chan with an adult view of the society. A child who questions the norms of the society, questions what’s normal? He created a TV series that people could relate to, based on their daily lives. Back in the 1990, Shin Chan was an adult cartoon and was first created for the people in mid 30’s, but it became so popular among youth and children that the creators had to make it family oriented.

The very reason why the word “Crayon” in included in the title of the TV series is because Crayon is very popular with the children, it is used by all the kindergarten kids. Shinnosuke is also one of those little kids with a vivid imagination.

Shinchan Nohara

Some Things That Every Shin Chan Fan Must Know!

  • The government of Kasukabe city declared the Nohara family as its permanent residents in 2005.
  • The Author of Shin-Chan, Yoshito Usui died 2009 in a tragic mountain trekking accident. But the studio decided to continue the Shin-Chan anime and manga series. In 2012, at the 20th anniversary the UY studios told everyone that Shin-Chan would run as long as the voice and manga artists are alive.
  • Over 917 episodes of the anime Crayon Shin-Chan has been aired on TV Asahi. And over 50 volumes of Crayon Shin-Chan has been published by the Futabasha. For more Shin-Chan information and news, you can contact their official Twitter account @Crayon_Official.

Shin-Chan Is Still Alive!

Crayon Shin Chan death

According to a Quora user Anwesh Pati, who has come up with a logical explanation of how Shin-Chan is still alive.

Shin-Chan movie “Arashi wo yobu! Ora no Hanayome” which was released in 2010 clearly shows the future of Shin-Chan, his friends, and family. We see Shin-Chan’s parents are alright, but living in a slightly broken house. We also see the Shin-Chan of the future, his sister Himwari who has turned out to be really skilled. And also the presence of Shinko-chan who tries to call Shinnousuke as “Onii-Chan”, but doesn’t and quickly changes, and call him “Onigiri”.

So let’s sum it up!

1. Shin-Chan is not based on a real person!

2. The character of Shin-Chan never dies. Neither do his sister, family, friends, and all the characters we see in the show.

3. There is no last episode of Shin-Chan. The TV and manga series is still running.

4. The story of Shin-Chan’s death is fake!

You can visit Anwesh Pati’s Quora where you can find all the authentic information, facts, stories about Shin-Chan! Thanks for reading the article. Do share your views and opinions with us in the comments.


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