Top 7 Scariest Horror Movies That You Shouldn’t Watch Alone!

Hello to all of you lovely people and welcome back to our top ten series where we give you super cool awesome top list. Today we have a frightening list coming your way this is the top best horror movies. Now I’m well aware everyone has a different “opinion” when it comes to horror movies. What your friends find terrifying you might not, it all depends on what scares you. Everyone has their own fears whether it’s dolls, clowns, serial killers, creepy kids or if you’re like me you can’t handle killers and masks. Yeah I just don’t! Don’t even get me started on The Purge!

So today I have compiled a list of horror movies that pretty much everyone can agree are the best and there’s a wide range when it comes to the scare factor. Now obviously there are hundreds of horror movies out there so not all of them could be on this list. Also I’m gonna be discussing these movies, obviously so there’s going to be spoilers. But before we get started I want to know what is your favorite horror movie! Let me know your answers down in the comments. All right so let’s get started!

So let’s take a look at the Top 7 Scariest Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone!

7. The Orphan

This movie literally has one of the creepiest most messed-up twists that I have ever seen and throughout the whole movie you never see it coming. In this movie a couple tragically miscarries their unborn child, struggling to gain some sort of normalcy they decide to adopt a child. When visiting the orphanage they are drawn to a little girl named Esther. Once they bring her home a bunch of alarming events begin to take place which makes the mother believe something is wrong with Esther and that she’s not who she appears to be. Concerned for the family’s safety she tries to get her husband and kids to see what’s really going on. If creepy kids care you then this might not be the best movie for you! But I’d say watch anyway because the twist is just so good.

6. The Strangers

This movie came out in 2008 and if you’re terrified of masks like I am then you will definitely be covering your eyes throughout half of this movie. I literally told my best friend if he ever puts on mask in an attempt to scare me then we are done. That’s how much I cannot do masks, maybe I shouldn’t be telling you/guys one of my biggest fears. I love you guys, but moving on, this movie is about a young couple who are on the verge of breaking up, but they are spending one last night in their family’s vacation home. Soon they are visited by a family of three masked strangers that are out to kill them.

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5. Children Of The Corn

If freaky little killer children scare you then this movie is not for you. It came out in 1984 and it’s based off a Stephen King novel. In this movie a physician and his girlfriend drive across the Midwest to his new job. Once they are almost there they find a body of a murdered boy on the road. The couple tries to contact the authorities and they wander into a small town, soon enough they realize that this town is populated only by children. And these aren’t cute friendly kids, oh no! They are crazy little killers. Soon the couple find themselves fleeing when the kids to try to sacrifice them.


4. Halloween

Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone!

This movie is iconic and it came out in 1978 this movie is a part of an American horror franchise that consists of 10 films. This movie takes place on Halloween night of 1963 where six-year-old Michael Myers stabs his sister to death. After sitting in mental hospital for years he escapes the night before Halloween and returns to his old neighborhood to kill. Meanwhile Laurie who’s played by a very young Jamie Lee Curtis is a serious student who is stuck babysitting on this night. She’s babysitting a neighbor’s kid, but little does she know the danger that is headed her way.

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre came out in 1974. However since then there have been several remakes. This movie us equally gory as it is scary. In this movie two teenage siblings along with three other friends are driving on the old back roads of Texas to visit their grandfather’s grave. They pick up a creepy hitchhiker who kills himself and one of their friends then they end up at a home of a murderous cannibalistic family.

This family is made up of a leather mesh chainsaw wielding maniac, his knife wielding grave robber brother and their cannibal chef father, and you know their decaying grandfather. Shortly after being released this film actually got banned in several countries because it was deemed too disgusting. Also in order to generate excitement for the movie the marketing team promoted this as a true story. But this backfired on them and they ended up having a lot of people leaving halfway through the movie out of fear.

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2. Annabelle

If you’re scared of true stories and creepy dolls then this 2014 movie is not for you. This movie is a prequel to “The Conjuring” and it’s about a couple who begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll. Shortly after their home is invaded by satanic spirits so they hire Ed and Lorraine Warren to help them. Now creepy dolls are one thing, but the doll in this movie is portrayed as looking much creepier than the actual doll. Seeing as the actual haunted doll is a Raggedy Ann doll but like I said this movie is actually based on a true story. Ed and Lorraine are real people who help with paranormal investigations. If you guys want you can actually visit the real life haunted Annabelle doll, it is located in Ed and Lorraine’s occult Museum in Monroe Connecticut.

1. The Conjuring

This movie came out in 2013 and it was marked as one of the scariest movies of all time and it’s based off a true story involving Ed and Lorraine again. This movie takes place in 1971 where the Perron family moves into a new home, all of a sudden strange things start to happen which evolved into a living nightmare. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are contacted to examine the house, they discover that the whole land is covered with a satanic haunting and they are targeting the Perron family wherever they go. After watching  this movie the real life Andrea Perron said that the Conjuring is a fair reflection of the chaos and danger the family faced on the farm. She says their liberties taken and a few discrepancies, but overall it is what it claims to be.


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