Weird And Surprising Things That Happen Only In Bangkok


6. Largest Gold Buddha

Inside the Wat Traimit in Chinatown lies the largest gold Buddha statue of the world, its weight is around 5.5 tons (4989 kg) and is 9.8 ft tall. The value of the gold statue is around 250 million dollars.

7. Sinking City

It is said that Bangkok is sinking at a rate of 2.5 cm per year due to rising sea level and other developments. It is assumed that some parts of Bangkok can be underwater in the next 15 years, so hurry up and visit Bangkok before its too late.

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8. Hottest City

According to studied reports, Bangkok is the hottest city because it has an average temperature of 28-degree centigrade throughout the year and in summers it goes around 34 degrees. It can make you sweat even in winters due to its hot temperature.

9. Street Water Fight

In the Thai New Year holiday, Bangkok organizes the World’s largest street water fight every year and this water fight is popularly known as Songkran festival over there.

10. Largest Chinatown

Fun and Interesting Facts About Bangkok

Bangkok has the largest Chinatown in the world and is popularly known as ‘ Yoawarat’. It is a home for the Chinese people and is the most vibrant place in Bangkok to eat and go shopping.


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