Why 90’s Era Was The Best Era Of All Time!

Let me tell you about a time when Music was good, people’s dressing sense was great. When TV shows were entertaining and people didn’t need smartphones to enjoy their lives.

The 90’s! the era that passed away but still left us with some of the greatest memories of all time. It was decade which handily passed, since the golden oldies age of 80’s ended, it was time for something new, something different. The torch was passed from the traditional 80’s generation to the new generation of 90’s. It was a new revolution, a new excitement, a roller coaster of a wild ride, a change which has shaken the whole world.

The 90’s generation brought a new fashion, a new attitude, a new entertainment to the public. It changed the music industry forever, the strain rock music which is far better than the music we hear today. There were many great television shows, sitcoms, very interesting and refreshing new movies with great CGI, visual effects which were never seen before by the audiences. This age also saw many great achievements in the field of sports, with many advancements. The science and technical field of gadgets, computers were formulated to a far developed and sophisticated stage that made 90’s a pretty modern generation compared to its predecessor 80’s.

The 90’s had a major effect on music with the breakthrough of NIRVANA and popularity of the grunge which drew people in a wild fun. The offspring was set up for a new success with their smash.

Heavy metal genre which gained an enormous success in the 90’s, the greatest band Metallica which remained popular all through the decade. There were other bands like ‘Guns N’ Roses’, ‘Van Halen’ which also maintained their reputation. While some of the greatest ever like ‘Aerosmith’, ‘Bon Jovi’, ‘U2’ and ‘Marilyn Manson’ were the top performers of the decade. Among the pop genre, Mariah Carey was named the singer of the decade. Among the teen pop, ‘Backstreet boys’, ‘NSYNC’, ‘Britney Spears’, ‘Jennifer Lopez’ became famous household name.

There was also a trend of electronic music which started in the late 90’s. Singer ‘Madonna’ had success with her album ‘RAY OF LIGHT’ which combined a lot of electronica sounds. This era was totally a big success in the history of music, some other amazing music of 90’s were ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’, ‘REM’, ‘Soundgarden’, ‘Stone Temple Pilots’, ‘Smashing Pumpkins’, ‘Bling Melon’, ‘Blink-182’.

Fashion, the 90’s era circled around the trend of wearing blue jeans and t-shirt. Haircuts were often, it ranged from a long hair punk cut to a buzz cut and women got the pixie cut. The ‘Rachel haircut’ which was inspired from ‘Rachel Green’, a fictional FRIENDS sitcom character, it was very popular in the 90’s era. There were trends of body piercings and tattoos which was a symbol of the new generation. Fashion trends keep changing, the nineties people experimented a lot with the Fashion. Among the fashion, clothes flannel was popular all through out the decade, the age of  bell-bottoms was finished. Punk fashion which began in the  70’s was still very popular in the 90’s and the goth fashion trend was on its peak. Black color was the signature of the nineties age, neon colors were also favored by the people in this age.


The 90’s was marked for a new innovation in the video gaming field, the era began with a popularity of the arcade games which later declined due to the vast sales of home gaming consoles. A lot of new changes were introduced in the era which changed the gaming industry forever. The gaming was now not limited to a few genres, there were a lot of development in different genres. The fourth generation consoles were 16-bit operated, the era introduced the Sega Megadrive, Sega Genesis which started the first console war between Sega and Nintendo. Fifth Generation consoles included Ps1, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64 bit, soon the gaming began to operate on the online level. Games like Street Fighter, Virtual cop were the highlights of the era. Some very noticeable cult PC games like Doom, Half-Life laid the roots of a new level of gaming which involved blood and gore.

The SNES games’ ROMS became a big attraction for the kids, they started collecting games and started creating their own huge library of such games. Stealth games like Metal Gear and survival games like Resident Evil were the headlines of this generation.


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