10 Actors Who Were Changed Forever After Playing Their Roles

Hey Folks! Welcome to Humor Nation. No matter how charismatic the actors look or how fascinating their life seems, the truth is bitter. These actors really work hard, and sometimes even torture themselves to give the best for the role. But what if a role changes their life?

These iconic actors did the best possible justice with their role and sacrificed a good share of their life!

10. Gene Hackman

The most popular actor from Superman series Mr. Hackman announced a sudden retirement. Even after having a good filmy career the role changed him and he left; giving chance to the upcoming artists.

10 Actors Who Were Changed Forever After Playing Their Roles

9. George Clooney

The last role in his career changed him completely. He had an accident on the set. After being bedridden for weeks with hell lot of injuries, he found a new way to live.

8. Shelly Duvall

Owning an iconic role isn’t as fascinating as it seems to be. Shelly was son into her character that she messed up with reality. She took the tortures way to seriously and had an actual emotional breakdown.

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7. Bill Skarsgard

Bill completely changed himself to live the role of the clown. But later after the released, he was left terror-stricken. He could feel the clown torture him to the worst.

6. Bob Hoskins

Bob Hoskins is a known name from the cartoon industry. It was the ” Roger Rabit” that overpowered the original identity. He was so into the role that couldn’t get back to the older version of himself.

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