10 Stars Ready To Takeover The Khan Era In Bollywood

Hey Readers! Welcome Back to Humor Nation. The Bollywood industry these days is heading towards a change for better. The industry especially known for the Khan era is witnessing their movies struggle for collection and degrading with the script selection and storyline.

When not the Khan, then who? This would have been a good question in past. But now we have stars from non-film backgrounds that have held the Khan era in trouble.

Wish to know more? Scroll down and see the list with emerging names against the Khan stardom.

10. Kangana Ranaut

Kangana is the Lady box-office in Bollywood. Coming from a different city and a non-film background had a good trouble kit in itself. But fate fears those, who are born with skills. She made her spot in the industry without any khan support.

09. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

No good face = No good place. Once upon a time, the industry had this myth. The name that unveiled the talent is Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He started with shady supportive roles but left a remarkable imprint of his skills.

08. Anushka Sharma

“An actress is a dummy in a Khan film.”- heard this before? Well, yeah! this was an assumption until Anushka came up. She worked in 3 khan films and managed to mark her own acting levels.

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07. Irfan Khan

Okay, a khan here! terrorizing his own clan? Irfan is a name from a small town in India. He made fame people of his strata fantasize of! His films are as natural as reality.

10 Stars Ready To Takeover The Khan Era In Bollywood

06. Kartik Aryan

The chocolaty boy at Bollywood. Kartik did a few projects and made well in the industry. Everyone loves him and his skills. Being from a non-film family, it was a bit tough for him though.

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