Ten Most Richest Beggars In The World

Hie Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. What does the word “beggars” remind you of? I can see those pop-ups in your minds. Those dirty dressed poor people you come across on signals.

But, can you imagine a rich beggar? Okay, I admit this is an absolute irony. But as we all say nothing is impossible.

Lay down your eyes on the names below. Yes, they are the richest beggars alive.

10. Simon Wright

He is the one from West London. Simon spends 8hours per day begging and extra time on weekends. He owns a lavish flat many of us dream of!

Ten Most Richest Beggars In The World

9. Eisha

Eisha was a 100-year-old blind woman. She used to sit on common roads with tin cans. When she passed away her will threw everyone in shock. She had $300million in cash and some precious jewelry collection.

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8. Sambhaji Kale

Sambhaji Kale is a beggar from Mumbai. He and his family make a thousand rupees per day. They own a flat and two lavish houses in the city.

7. Krishna Kumar Gite

This is another name from the Film City Mumbai. He makes 1500 rupees per day. When the day ends, he returns to his flat at nalasupara.

6. Irwin Correy

He has had a good career at his early ages. Now his only job is begging on the streets of Manhattan. The 97-years-old man spends all the money earned via this in charity.

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