10 Bizarre Rules That Queen Elizabeth Follows!

Hello people! Welcome back to Humor Nation. We all know some what about Queen Elizabeth. Most of us may think that she is a queen, she can do whatever she would want to. But, to the utmost surprise to all, this is not what it is. She also have to follow certain rules. She is bounded to some bizarre rules that she can never let go.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Bizarre Rules That Queen Elizabeth Follows!

1. T-Shirts

She is not allowed to wear t-shirts. Not only t-shirts, she cannot wear jeans, trousers, leggings or any other casual attire. Being a member of royal family, she always have to look presentable. Nowadays, she has been seen in bright colors. She is easily recognized even in crowd.

2. The Black Outfit

The Queen is bound to always wear black outfit while traveling. Also, she has to keep one black outfit while traveling. This is because, she might have to attend funeral or national tragedy. May happen the someone in royal family dies or some national tragedy happens.

3. Plane

She is not allowed to travel in plane with her family. She is allowed to travel with her husband, but not with her sons. This is because they are the next to sit on the throne. Their life could not be held in danger. So, she is prohibited to travel with them, so as to reduce the chances of their life held to danger. She is even asked no to travel in cars with her son.

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4. Vote

She is not allowed to vote. Queen is supposed to have an unbiased opinion , so she cannot belong to any political side. She is either asked to be away from office.

5. Political Views

She cannot have political views. The Queen must not express her political belongings to anyone. Neither in public nor to other people. On few occasions,, she had dropped the veil of neutrality. She was reportedly very relieved when Scotland, remained in United Kingdom. Many even said this that the queen was sending secret messages wearing some symbol outfits.


6. Autographs

She is not allowed to sign autographs. She is even not allowed to take photos with other people. This is for, if the signatures are being forged. She is not allowed to be political, instead she has to remain religious.

7. Christian

She has to be Christian. She is the head of the church and have to uphold its virtues and values. Up until 2011, a law forbade any royal family member marrying a catholic, it has to be a strict protestant only. Also, if in future the monarch of the church want to switch religion, she cannot.

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8. Divorce

She cannot divorce her husband. As being the head of the church she cannot get divorced with Prince Phillips. Although, the future king Prince George got divorce, but he did not remarry,  until his first wife died. Church thinks this is right.

9. Husband

Prince Phillip initially struggled with this law. He had to walk always behind her wife. Whenever, she goes to official meets, she has to follow this. In private, this may be different though.

10. Monopoly

She is not allowed to play monopoly. This is the most weird fact in the list. This was revealed by  her son in a meeting in UK.

10 Bizarre Rules That Queen Elizabeth Follows!

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